Friday, February 19, 2010

Can Bangladesh's batsmen ever learn!

Bangladesh have played another innings and yet again their batsmen have fallen like a pack of cards. So, are batsmen like Ashraful, Aftab, Imrul and co. ever going to learn that in test cricket one has to show patience and it isn't just about smashing everything out of the ground.

It is high time that Ashraful be dropped from the team. I'm sure there must be some guy in Bang. who can do better than him. Bangladesh can't just depend on Sakib or say Mohamuddullah to take team out of trouble again and again but the batsmen have to make some contribution as well. Sakib must be getting frustrated watching his batsmen throw their wickets away so many times.

As a neutral I have supported Bangladesh for sometime but sorry to say most of their batsmen don't seem to understand that test cricket isn't just about hitting sixes and fours!


Anonymous said...

Ashraful should have been dropped from the team an year ago, I can't understand why the BCB is sticking with him despite his repeated failures in all formats of the game. No one will be worse than him, for sure.

greyblazer said...

It is not just that Crashraful but Aftab too should be dropped and Imraul has to perform in test cricket.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder about the worth of them having a coach as they show no discipline at all for the longer format and they have been playing for long enough.

greyblazer said...

A few players like Sakib have shown some improvement but it is their top order that keeps failing.

In the end it is up to the player to perform.