Thursday, February 18, 2010

Harbajan- The gutsy cricketer

To start with, it was a fascinating final day's play of cricket but in the end India deservedly won the match. Amla again showed great patience and determination and almost pulled off a draw for the Saffers but in the end it wasn't enough as India won the match to draw the series 1-1.

As far as Harbie is concerned, what can I say? I have been critical of his form in recent times but like him or hate him, Harbie is no doubt a gutsy cricketer as he keeps proving people wrong by taking wickets under pressure. He may have even taken more than five wickets in the second innings but for some sharp chances dropped by Badrinath.

Harbajan may not be a connoisseur's delight like what old-timers say about Prasana but he does have the ability to take wickets at crucial times. I also liked the fact that at last he has agreed to go around the wicket to the lefthanders but it did take a long time for him to understand that it can be a good weapon against the lefthanders.

As far as this test match is concerned, Amla was again superb. As I said before, scoring a half century can be considered as a failure for Amla. Indian batsmen like Tendulkar, Sehwag, Laxman and Dhoni were very good. Among the bowlers, Steyn was a bit disappointing but it was good to see Mishra getting some form back. He is a talented bowler and should be given a decent run in the side.

Finally I again take this opportunity to congratulate both Amala and of course Harbie. Surely Harbie knows how to shut up critics like me lol.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Amla has left me speechless. What's wrong with him? Despite Bhajji's 5-for today, Zaheer can go up to him with as much swagger as he likes and tell him that he was the only one who managed to get Amla during the entire tour so far.

Rishabh said...

I have to say, though, that had it not been for the crowd and the fact that it was the last 2 days on an Indian pitch, he wouldn't have done this well.

greyblazer said...

More trouble is waiting for India as Amla is staying back for the onedayers!

greyblazer said...

Yeah he took most of his wickets on the last day on a Indian pitch yet with India 1-0 down it was Harby who finally got the wickets in the second innings.

The pitch was good for batting as well.