Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is Kieswetter the real deal?

I see that Kieswetter has been impressive in the warm up games in Bangladesh. So, can he succeed in one-day internationals by succeeding at top of the order?

Since Tresco last played a one-day international in 06, England have struggled to find good openers at top of the order. Occasionally, Strauss has looked good but the lack of a power hitter is a concern. So, it would be good for England if Kieswetter, who is also a teammate of Tres at Somerset can succeed at top of the order.

From what I have seen of Kieswetter, he looked very strong square off the wicket on either side and just like KP has great bat speed and picks the length quickly but I also thought he is vulnerable to the full swinging delivery as he doesn't come forward. To succeed as a opener in one-day cricket, Kieswetter perhaps has to work on it as the white new ball does swing for a few overs. His list A record too is good as he averages 42.12 and has a strike rate of 90.47.

The feeling is that he isn't a good wicketkeeper but I do see potential in him to succeed as a opener in one-day cricket.


Anonymous said...

This is a nicely measured article, gb.

I haven't seen him play yet. But the media are getting their knickers in a twist about him.

Hype is very tiring isn't it? I find it depressing when players are written about like superstars before they have achieved much.


greyblazer said...


Good to see you on the blog! Yeah he is being hyped but since the retirement of Tres, England have been starved of power hitters at top of the order so, I guess the media would hype up any player who can hit the ball hard. I do remember even Benning being hyped couple of years back as the next big hitter on bbc!

Kieswetter can hit it hard and more importantly he seems to be good at rotating the strike unlike the nervous wreck Shah but as we know just being a good striker of the ball doesn't mean that a player can succeed in international cricket.