Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lee to retire from test cricket

It looks like another fast bowler has decided to retire from test cricket in a bid to prolong his career. Freddie and Bond have already retired from test cricket and now it is the turn of Lee to announce his retirement.

If fast bowlers continue to retire from test cricket it would be bad for test cricket as it is always thrilling to see a fast bowler bowling quick and the batsman taking up the challenge to face him. At this rate fast bowlers would soon become extinct in test cricket.

As far as Lee is concerned, he has been very good for Australia. 310 test wickets at 30.81 in test cricket and 324 wickets at just 23.01 in one-day cricket proves that fact. Yes, just like any other fast bowler he had his fair share of injuries and there were times when one got the feeling that he had lost the ability to swing the new ball but after the retirement of players like McGrath and Dizzy he made a fine come back and was successful between 2005/06 to 07/08 but in India at the end 08 he looked lacklustre and since then he has been let down by injuries. Lee, last played a test against the Saffers in December 2008 and that itself shows he has struggled with injuries.

It is sad to see quite a few quick bowlers leaving test cricket but one has to respect Lee's decision as it isn't easy for a fast bowler to play test cricket at the age of 33. Anyway I do take this opportunity to salute Lee for bowling quick and doing well in a era made up of flat tracks and also for being a good role model to youngsters.

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