Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mishra is bowling better

I see that weather has again intervened and the Saffer team would be praying for lots of rain and bad light as they have already lost three important wickets. The wicket of Kallis being the key wicket.

Anyway it is good to see that Mishra is bowling a lot better. The first time I saw him was against Australia in 2008/09 and at that time I thought a start is born as he looked like a classical leg spinner who believed in flighting the ball, attacking the stumps and made the batsmen come forward to drive but just like a few other promising leg spinners he seemed to have lost his way as against Lanka and in the first test of this series he was bowling short and not attacking the stumps. One would never know was it just a case of a bowler being in bad form or did Dhoni ask him to bowl negatively but the simple fact was he looked a pale shadow of the bowler he was against Australia.

Today though I see the old magic that one saw against Australia returning back. He flighted it, attacked the stumps, varied his pace a bit more, bowled a lot fuller and made the batsmen drive. On Indian pitches a spinner can't bowl short as the batsmen can just play it very easily on the back-foot like what Amla has done in this series.

I really thought the delivery that he bowled to Kallis was a gem of a delivery as he bought the batsman forward by flighting it and got the edge. Kallis is a top-class batsman and it has never been easy to get him out but Mishra got him by bowling a very good delivery. Mishra can be a asset to the Indian side as he can take wickets even on flat tracks but the most important factor to consider is he should be used as a attacking bowler!


Dimi said...

May it be possible that when India tour for a test series, they play Mishra as their only spinner? Harbhajan bowled well in the first innings, but he has been rather poor for some time.

greyblazer said...


Mishra too has been poor in recent times as he has bowled defensively. In the future he may play as the only spinner away from home but Dhoni has to use him as a attacking bowler otherwise he is of no use.

He is not Ojha or not even Harbie to bowl defensively.