Monday, February 15, 2010

Pandey and Satish

After being impressed by Pandey's batting in the IPL 2, I thought of following his fledgling career in the Indian domestic circuit and I wasn't surprised that he became the highest run-getter in the first division of ranji trophy in 2009/10 as he looks talented and seems to have the ability to do well under pressure but the more I look at his scores on cricinfo the more I see that his teammate, Satish seems to be matching him and sometimes even doing better!

Satish too had a good time in the ranji trophy as he amassed 639 runs to Pandey's 882 but in the ongoing one-day tournament he seems to be doing even better than his teammate, Pandey.

Satish in the one-day trophy
330 runs at 110

Pandey in the one-day trophy
217 runs at 54.25

So how good is this Satish? I have read that Dravid rates him highly.

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