Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suresh Raina?

I have never rated Raina as highly as some others but I see that he averages 38.17 in one-day cricket which isn't bad for a young player. I have to also add that he has played a few decent knocks under pressure

So, can he become a test batsman? The biggest concern would be, even after playing 90 onedayers he doesn't know how to play the short ball. He just doesn't shift his weight onto the back-foot and seems to be content playing on the front-foot. It is fine for one-day and T/20 cricket but in test cricket it would be ruthlessly exploited. Is he satisfied with just playing the shorter formats of the game? His fc record too isn't as good as say Pujara, Rahane or Kohli.

I may have been a bit harsh on Raina's weakness against the short ball but if a player plays 90 onedayers I do expect him to do some work on it. If he wants to play test cricket he has to work on it, otherwise like Bevan he may have to be content with playing only the shorter formats of the game.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Raina is definitely a good prospect for the future. But with him batting at No. 5 and below in ODIs, one cannot really say whether he will fit in Test cricket. Tests is about building innings and surviving tough periods. Ganguly was never a great player of short deliveries, but he was invaluable because he could survive tough spells and then attack when batting became slightly easier.

I would have liked to see guys like Raina and Yusuf Pathan batting higher up in the order in this 3 ODI series against SA. Yusuf showed in Duleep Trophy that he can last. And Raina deserves a chance to check whether he can last after 90 odd ODIs.

greyblazer said...

Yeah Ganguly could survive tough spells as could Steve Waugh as they worked hard on their game and they had their own way of playing it. For instance Steve Waugh tried to either leave the short ball or kept it down by taking off his bottom hand but at present I'm not sure that Raina has a way of playing it.

Raina needs to work on it as there are other players like Pujara and Kohli waiting in the wings.

Soulberry said...

Not all Indian youth grow up being tested well. Raina however is an exception in that he has been consistently exposed to the best bowling of international cricke since he was a teenager.

He is not alone in continuing to retain flaws in his game - that's been the problem with many Indian youths from Yuvraj downwards.

What surprises me is that players like Sachin and Dravid and Sehwag too emerge through the same system, but they either do not have these flaws or retain enough intellect to recognie and modify their flaw/shortcomings.

greyblazer said...


Good to see you on the blog. Perhaps the youngsters nowadays are happy with playing mainly T/20 and don't really aspire to become test cricketers? I saw in a article on cricinfo that senior players of the Indian team weren't happy with the causal attitude shown by the younger players after the defeat against Pakistan.