Monday, February 15, 2010

Sehwag on rampage

To start with I have to say that it was great to watch Sehwag taking apart the opposition bowling attack and Tendulkar playing yet another sublime knock.

As far as S'wag is concerned what can I say? he is a butcher, who specializes in demoralizing the opposition bowling attacks. A lot has been talked about his superb hand eye co-ordination and his high back-lift, so I won't like to say too much about it but in recent times I like the fact that he defends with a straight bat when bowlers bowl a fuller length and attack his stumps.

As far as today's innings was concerned, it was a typical knock from him as anything short and wide was murdered and when they strayed on his pads he scored runs on the leg side. It is another area that he has improved as he used to struggle a bit when the bowlers looked to tuck him up by bowling more of a middle and leg stump line. SA bowlers bowled a touch too short and when they got the chance to dismiss him they didn't capitalise on it as Duminy dropped a sitter at first slip and De Villiers missed a relatively easy stumping chance. It questions the wisdom of maybe not having another wicketkeeper in the squad of a touring team though one has to add that it is a series made up of only couple of matches. Tendulkar too played very well. In recent times he has been in great form as he continues to score hundreds. So where are all those critics who wrote him off after the 07 world cup???

As I said the Saffer quickies especially, Morkel bowled a touch too short. I had said before this tour on CMS forum that I don't expect Morkel too succeed in India as he bowls the traditional three quarters length but doesn't bowl a fuller length. Steyn wasn't at his best and they could have used Harris in a attacking role by asking him to bowl more from around the wicket as there wasn't much rough for him to exploit at Calcutta. Harris did finally come around the wicket and got the reward by taking Tendulkar's wicket. As I say Badri too is out and I still have question marks over his technique as he gets opened up too easily for my liking and would have a lot of difficulty when he plays on pitches that does a bit.

The pitch looked better for batting on the second day and SA would be ruing the fact that their team made only 296. Yes, by taking late wickets, SA have made a bit of come back in this match but it has to be said that India are in a strong position and they have to thank the butcher, S'wag and the sublime, Tendulkar for it.


Shridhar Jaju said...

I agree Morkel was not 'successful' today, but he was arguably the most consistent bowler today. He was the only one who had Sehwag struggling (for some time atleast). As far as Badrinath and Vijay go, I really would like to see them play in seaming conditions for some time (maybe a county season). It'll help them in tweaking their techniques in the manner that will allow them to become more consistently successful.

greyblazer said...

He did trouble Sehwag a bit but just like many other tall quickies he doesn't bowl a fuller length.

Until he bowls a fuller length he would only beat the bat and get the odd edge but his teammate Steyn would keep getting more wickets. It happened in Australia too when everyone expected Morkel to succeed as there is more bounce but in the end it was Steyn who succeeded and Morkel came back with an average of over 40! In the end it is wickets which is important.

Tall bowlers are at their best when they bowl a touch fuller like McGrath and Ambrose.