Sunday, February 14, 2010

So what happened to South Africa?

I had gone away for sometime and when I came back and switched on the t.v to my astonishment I saw that SA had lost 8 wickets for 256 and even more amazing was the fact that they were 219 for 1 and suddenly it became 256 for 8! It seems like all the hard work of Amla and the debutant, Peterson has been undone by the middle order.

So was it turning for Harbie? from whatever little action I could catch, it looked like Harbie was tossing up a bit more and more importantly he is bowling from around the wicket to the lefthanders. In recent times, off spinners have been bowling too much from over the wicket. The advantage of going around the wicket and bowling those top spinners is that batsmen would be made to play at more deliveries and there is more chance of getting lbw's and Harbie certainly looked more dangerous. I actually said it in my last blog that one positive sign seems to be Harbie is going more around the wicket to the lefties. Swann has shown that bowling around the wicket is a good tactic as almost 60% of his wickets are lefthanders and now it has been picked up by others. Zaheer too took crucial wickets but nowadays one expects the consistent, Zaheer to take wickets, so it is not a huge surprise. The commentators were also saying that Sharma bowled quicker in this innings. It looks like India have bowled with a bit more purpose in this innings and have reaped the rewards though by looking at the fall of wickets one can say that De villiers seemed to have done hara-kiri, Kallis won't be happy with the shot he played and both lefthanders offered no shot though Harbie has to get some credit for it as he has finally agreed to go around the wicket to the lefthanders!

South Africa would be very annoyed for sure as they seemed to be in a very good position at 219 for 1 with both Amla and Peterson having scored hundreds but on the other hand it is good to see the Indian team fighting hard.

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