Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The success story of Amla!

It looks like Amla is set to score yet another hundred. Oh gawd what a great series it has been for Amla as he has already scored over 400 runs and has got out only once. Add to it the fact that it is just a two match series.

The Indian bowlers must be having nightmares of all those wristy flicks and drives. Dhoni must be tearing his hair in frustration, just like all those captains thought about Andy Flower when he was making those huge scores in the late 90's and the early part of this decade.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed by Amla's batting when I saw him for the first time about five or so years back as he had a very open chested stance and struggled to play shots though the off side also he looked awkward against the short ball. So, the credit has to go to him for working hard on his technique which has helped him to succeed. I have also read that Gary Kirsten has worked on his technique.

Anyway coming back to this series, it has been wonderful to watch Amla bat against the spinners. He has played late, used the depth of the crease and he always has been a wristy player which helps him to play the spinners better. Actually someone like Duminy can look at the way Amla uses the depth of the crease against the spinners.

Finally it looks like Saffers need Amla to fire yet again as they are in trouble in the second test and I won't be surprised if he scores yet another hundred. Dhoni and co. would hope that he won't at least get another century but makes only about 50 or 60 as as at present even a half century can be thought of as a failure for Amla!


Shridhar Jaju said...

Amla's been a revelation on this tour. I knew for quite some time now that he has tremendous reserves of patience and the temperament to do well. But to actually outperform his better known colleagues in a series (if 2 matches can ever be called a 'series') that will decide the No. 1 spot in Test cricket has been even more fascinating. It's really lovely to watch someone bat in the retro style, for a change.

Dimi said...

Amla has deservedly become a fixture in South Africa's top order. To be this successful at number three is very impressive.

greyblazer said...


Amla seemed to have the ability to get big scores even during his younger days but maybe his technique was letting him down and as you said it is something to see him outperform the likes of Kallis and co.

greyblazer said...


It is even more impressive when you think that many were expecting him to fail and he had a suspect technique.

The credit has to go to Amla for working on his technique.