Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upcoming wicketkeepers of South Africa

To start with, South Africa have been lucky that Boucher has been very good for them for more than a decade. He has scored over 5000 test runs and has effected 494 dismissals. Anyone would be proud of such a record but he isn't getting any younger and sooner rather than later he has to retire. So the question would be who can replace Boucher? Here are few of the candidates who seem to be promising.

Kuhn- The 25 year old Kuhn plays for the Titans. He indeed has a impressive FC record as he averages 43.85 and is rated highly by many Saffer fans. His list A record or his T/20 record isn't great which is surprising as he is said to be a attacking batsman. Kuhn is said to be the favourite to replace Boucher and has already played a T/20 match for South Africa.

Vilas- Vilas, who plays for the Gauteng also has a very good FC record as he averages 44.57. His list A and T/20 records too are good and in fact it is better than Kuhn.

Smit- I have seen a few Saffer fans saying that in first class cricket Smit is the best wicketkeeper but his FC record isn't as good as either Kuhn or Vilas. It has to be said that these days selectors generally look for a wicketkeeper who can be a good batsman and Smit may sadly miss out.

Moshele- The young Moshele is rated highly by Jennings but he is just 20 but in a couple of years of time we may hear more about him.

Bradley Barnes- The 20 year old is again rated highly by Jennings especially as a wicketkeeper. Everyone who saw him were said to be impressed by his ability to stand up to the stumps during the under 19 world cup in 2008.

Other candidates include Van Wyk but he is 30 now and of course there is Ab De Villiers but as we saw from the test match against India he may not be a good choice. He was just about adequate as a keeper against England in his debut series in 2004/05 but I doubt whether he has donned the role of being the wicketkeeper too many times since that series against England. It would be better if AB concentrates on his batting and not think about keeping wickets for SA.

Boucher is still doing well but as I said he isn't getting younger so, it is up to one of the above mentioned players or maybe someone else to take up the mantle of being the wicketkeeper for South Africa.


biltongbek said...

I think the incumbent will be Kuhn, he has proven with a number of years in first class that he can bat well and are a more than adequate keeper.

Sadly he may never make it as Boucher may still play for a few years with he mate Kallis, and wehn they retire the feeling might be to take one of the younger guns who has been succesful at U19 world cups.

greyblazer said...


Good to see you on the blog. Yeah it seems like Boucher may play for a few more years but it is never going to be easy for a wicketkeeper to continue playing at the age of 34 or 35. Even a very good keeper like Healy had problems at the end of his career with his failing reflexes. So, it would be interesting to see whether Boucher can continue to maintain his high standards in the days to come.

I would also like to know why isn't Vilas talked about highly? isn't he a good keeper or is there a feeling that he can score runs only in domestic cricket and may not be good enough for internatioanls? his FC record looks impressive for sure.

biltongbek said...

Grey, the problem is that Thami Tsolikile is currently the Lions captain and wicket keeper, so Vilas doesn't keep at the moment.

This would suggest they don't see him as a full time keeper.

greyblazer said...

I see that Vilas has played only 2 games this year in the super sport series maybe he can move to some other team?