Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The young guns from New South wales

New South Wales may have struggled this season in the Sheffield Shield, or the Ford Ranger trophy but just like we have seen in the past they are again producing some talented cricketers. Hughes, Khawaja, Copeland, Hazlewood, Henriques, Smith, Starc and Cockley are some of the young players to watch out for.

Hughes- As we know that Hughes has already played for Australia and a lot has been written about his technique. Yes, he does have a unorthodox technique and would struggle against short pitch bowling as we saw in England but give him a bit of room like the Saffer quicks did in South Africa he would just make a mincemeat of it. He has to do something about backing away from the stumps and that may help him regain his place back int the Australian side. He has been a bit inconsistent this season but seems to have got his form back with a big hundred against South Australia.

Khawaja- Most Australian fans rate him highly. He is said to be a compact left-handed batsman who can play attractive shots. In 09/10 he has scored 485 runs in just 5 matches at an impressive average of 60.62. I'm sure that we will hear more about him in the future.

Copeland- Copeland this season burst onto the scene with a record haul of 10 wickets in his first match itself against the Qld bulls. He has continued to take wickets and has already got 23 wickets at 17.34 this season. The right arm seamer surely seems to be promising.

Hazlewood- A lot has already been written about this under 19 star as he continues to impress in the Sheffield Shield. From what I have seen of him, he is a tall guy who gets awkward bounce and has a bit of pace. He has lots of potential and would likely play for Australia.

Henriques- He still hasn't played to his potential in the Sheffield Shield but no doubt has some talent. Henriques, can play some attractive shots but has the habit of throwing his wicket away and that has let him down in his short career. He also seems to bowl within himself. Coaches can help but in the end but it is up-to Henriques to do justice to his talent.

Steve Smith- He is another exciting talent and at present is playing for the Australian T/20 team. A few have already compared him to Shane Warne which is unfair on Smith as he doesn't need to be compared to a legend like Warne at such an young age. He can surely hit the ball very hard especially through the midwicket region but can play even innovative shots like pulling it straight down the ground. Unlike many other fans, I'm still not convinced about his leg spin and it would be better if the media doesn't compare him to Warne.

Starc- Starc, the left armer is said to be a good prospect as well. I have seen a few Aussie supporters saying that he can get some nice swing with the new ball.

Cockley too has done reasonably well as a medium pacer in the Sheffield Shield but seems to be injury prone and has been sidelined by a stress fracture on the back. He even got called up for the tour of India recently.

A few of the above mentioned players may not end up as successful cricketers but they all seem to have potential. I would surely keep an eye on all of them.


Anonymous said...

Mitchell Starc looks raw, but interesting and Steve Smith, poor boy, has a Shane Warne sized monkey on his back already. The hype over his bowling is about as worthless as hype usually is.

Dimi said...

Despite the detractors in the media, I like Hughes as a batsman. Yes you could say that his batting is a bit one dimensional, but you don't get labelled an Australian protege with just one shot in your armoury.

I think overall he needs to fine tune his technique - his ten ball innings was ended by a full delivery just outside offstump by Sami under heavy skies in Sydney a couple of months back. Though I suspect that dismissal said more about his confidence levels than his technique.

Anonymous said...

geez i reckong that Copeland guy is rubbish; kinda reminds me of Magoffin from W.A. About as ugly as him too. Hazlewood is clearly the pick of that bunch. He'll take 736 test wickets at about 22. Also Henriques remonds me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can. he's obviously an imposter and one day the selectors will catch up with him. however there will be no movie/book/cushy FBI job - just an overdue return to club cricket

greyblazer said...

In the end it would mean more pressure on Smith as he is constantly compared to a legend.

Hughes isn't one dimensional but if he keeps backing away bowlers at test level would just bombard him with short pitch deliveries and the odd full delivery to get him out. At Sydney too they did the same.

I haven't seen Copeland but I saw few Aussie supporters discussing about him. So, I included him.

Anonymous said...

It's never a good idea to compare such a young guy to a legend like Warne ... if he doesn't become the next Warne, he will suffer negative comeback in the media. There is no other Warne, Australia needs to accept that and then maybe they will let bowlers like Steve Smith get on with their careers.

I make a lot of fun of Hughes, but I do think that in time he will be a quality batsman.

greyblazer said...

Hughes technique is so unorthodox that one feels like making fun of it lol. He doesn't need to do much but needs to fine tune his technique just a bit and with his great hand eye co-ordination he can become a quality player.

Dimi said...

I personally don't think Hughes is one dimensional at all, though I think the media like to portray him as such. We have already seen him make mincemeat out of the South African and various county attacks, not forgetting Aussie state sides. If over the next couple of years he can add a few more strings to his bow, then he could become one of the best openers in the world.

greyblazer said...

The Saffer quicks especially Morkel did give room though. It isn't easy to tuck him up for room as if he gets just a bit of room he is going to smash them but in test cricket there would be times when he has to cope with it especially if he keeps backing away. As I said he can overcome it but even if he scores runs in Sheffield or in second division he surely has to work on it as the standard of bowling in test cricket would be higher.

Anonymous said...

His habit of backing away from the stumps in test cricket is very annoying and looks ugly. He is an opener for eff's sake.

Brad Haddin does it as well, but I have given up on expecting anything more than one dimensional batting from Haddin.

I cam inclined to agree with a poster above about Henriques. Looks good with a bat in his hand, but isn't up to international level by any means.


greyblazer said...

Opener for eff's sake lol! Let Hughes score thousands of runs in domestic cricket but unless bowlers are going to give him room like the enigmatic Morne Morkel he can struggle in test cricket. So he needs to work on it.

Henriques? he can play couple of brilliant shots but you get the feeling that he would soon throw it away and seems to bowl well within himself. It is up to him to improve his concentration powers and coaches won't help. I do see some potential especially in his batting but I am now doubtful whether he can be successful.

stroller the moron said...

I see you have backpedalled from your endorsement of Henriques. His second full season has been the same as his first - promising, but not world-beating.

I wonder if it is harder to make your mark in the domestic scene if you have already been tagged as an all-rounder.

greyblazer said...

Lol I just saw few games and he did look talented but I guess T/20 games won't say much. Yeah maybe he feels the pressure of being considered as a all-rounder with potential and every team does expect a lot from all-rounders.

He has performed a bit better this season in the Sheffield Shield so my prediction may still come right lol.