Sunday, March 21, 2010

England hit by a cyclone called Tamim Iqbal!

Bangladesh is known for some devastating cyclones because of Bay of Bengal. Cyclones that have caused mass destruction in Bangladesh and have led to loss of lives.

On this tour of Bangladesh, England have been hit by a different kind of cyclone called Tamim Iqbal. His ability to hit it powerfully through the off side has perplexed Cook so much that he has looked lost for ideas.

Let it be his century in the first onedayer, his 86 in the first test or his blistering knock in this test, Iqbal has shown time and again that he can take the bowling attack apart. Yes, he has been given a few chance like in the ongoing test at Dhaka, but he has made use of those chances.

His knock in the ongoing match at Dhaka was great to watch. He doesn't hold back as he throws kitchen sink at anything just outside the off stump and I'm just amazed by his ability to hit so well through the line. Any bowler who gives him a bit of width would be smashed to smithereens. I still think his knock against India in the final test was better as he mixed caution with aggression, but that doesn't mean his blistering knock against England was bad. It is just that I feel he played better against India.

I would like to see how he copes with conditions in England. Yes, he may have to show a bit of caution as he can't hit everything through the line in May in England, but it is more about minor adjustments that he has to make to succeed in England. Having said that he has done well in seamer friendly conditions in Kiwiland which shows that he can succeed away from home too.

I do hope Iqbal matures as a player and at the same-time doesn't lose his natural attacking instincts. I would also like to make it clear that comparisons between cyclones in Bangladesh and Iqbal was made just to show how destructive he has been in this series against England.


Purna said...

Bangladesh will be tested in England. Bouncy pitches scare them. But hopefully they will adjust to it.

His fall was unfair to grey..that ball hit his arm :(.

greyblazer said...

More than bounce it would be the sideways movement that would test Bang. I don't think Iqbal would be bad on tracks that have bounce as he likes the ball coming onto the bat but in England pitches don't have much bounce or pace but would have a bit of sideways movement and that may trouble Bang. batsmen as they all like to play on the up and hit through the line.

Yeah he wasn't out and to be frank the umpiring has been atrocious as if that Prior wasn't out then no lbw can be given!!!