Monday, March 15, 2010

Impressive stuff from Swann

Yes, I know that it is just Bangladesh, but Swann continues to impress me as a off spinner. He is a late developer, but since he made his debut for England against India he has gone from strength to strength.

Swann doesn't have the doosra, but gets a bit of drift, subtle variations in pace pace has the slider and that slider has troubled many batsmen. He also goes around the wicket and that helps him against the lefthanders as it forces the batsmen to play at more deliveries. It isn't a huge surprise that 44 of his 76 victims are lefties.

The young Finn too was impressive. He had a bad start which wasn't surprising as on his debut he must have been nervous, but once he got a few overs under his belt has bowled well for a 20 year old. I have been saying it for a while that Finn's ability to bowl a touch fuller may help him to be more successful than other taller bowlers who, have played for England in recent times like Broad, Tremlett and co. He also has good pace and as he is tall gets bounce, but it is his ability to bowl a fraction fuller which is going to stand him in good stead in the future.

Leaving Rahim's fighting knock, England as expected have dominated the test, but not enforcing the follow with England having a lead of over 300 against a team like Bangladesh is a bit hard to fathom.


Anonymous said...

It pains me to say this, because he is the most annoying git I've ever come across, but Swann is a decent spinner.

I'm just going to go have a long shower, with bleach.

greyblazer said...

Git? lol I think he has developed into a good spinner.The Aussies have plenty of lefties and that should make him a force to reckon with in the Ashes.

Wes said...

He showed his skill in the last Ashes already, he always gave you the nagging feeling of a threat rising from behind the horizon. It never felt good to see him come on.
But I am more excited about Finn, very young but very mature guy, hope he'll make his way.

Btw happy to see someone writing about this tour, keep up the good work.

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greyblazer said...

More than his performances in the Ashes it was his consistency on seamer friendly tracks in SA which was more impressive.

Even when he would go through a bad patch he likely would trouble lefthanders as he is so good at going around the wicket.

Finn does look better than the overhyped Broad.