Monday, March 22, 2010

Kiwis show some fight

The Aussies may likely win this match, but it is good to see the Kiwis showing some fight. After the Aussies enforced the follow, I thought the Kiwis would again fall like a pack of cards, but they have showed a bit of fight in the second innings.

I'm not a huge fan of McIntosh, but he did play better in the second innings, as he didn't try anything fancy, but played within his limitations. The Black Caps would have still lost on the fourth day itself, but thanks to Vettori and McCullum they have a slight chance of even drawing this match.

Vettori is very unorthodox and can irritate the best of bowlers by walking across the stumps and leaving his leg stump exposed, but amazingly most of the times somehow gets some bat on it and gets runs! He has no doubt become Mr. reliable for the Black Caps. McCullum has lots of talent, but is prone to playing reckless shots, but in this match he has played a mature knock. Actually, I don't think anyone would say that he should leave playing shots as he has such quick hands and great hand eye co-ordination, but just needs to show better shot selection and today he played a superb knock as he didn't try to blindly slog everything. I really liked it when he didn't lose his cool with Hauritz bowling outside the off stump and troubled him by bowling on those rough patches and got it to turn and bounce.

As far as the match is concerned, the Aussies should still fancy their chances as it is mainly about getting McCullum out though, Tuffey has given him good support. Hauritz may cause them some problems as he is getting it to turn by pitching it on the rough patches and the pitch has bounce, but the quicker bowlers did struggle today as there was such a gusty wind blowing around. Kiwis would be hoping that McCullum can continue to mix caution with aggression and Tuffey gives him good support. Tuffey can look vulnerable against the short pitch stuff still has shown decent technique. Of course the Kiwis won't mind if weather comes to their rescue again on the final day!!!


man_in_beige said...

I can't remember the last time NZ put two good innings together in the same match! Although, in a departure from the norm they got their batting collapse out the way in the first innings.

Good innings by Tuffey, but NZs no's 9-11 provided no support. Shame his reward is a broken hand and missing the second test and the twenty20 world champs.

greyblazer said...

The batsmen just seem to lack concentration to get those big scores. NZ don't play much test cricket and that doesn't help but at least McCullum played better.