Saturday, March 13, 2010

KKR upset the apple-cart!

Wow great to see KKR starting the season with a victory. KKR won the wooden spoon in the last edition of the IPL as they finished last, but they have started this season well by defeating last year's champions Deccan Chargers. It does show that all teams in the IPL are evenly matched.

As far as the match was concerned, KKR had a bad start as they lost quick wickets at top of the order with Vaas making good use of the bit of movement on offer. Shah and Mathews struggled a bit at the start of their innings as they took time to adjust to the spongy bounce that one got to see yesterday. Once they got their eye in, they were able to accelerate beautifully. Shah played those typical slog sweeps, or flicks through the on-side and Mathews used his raw power to help KKR reach 161. Shah may not be the best runner between wickets and his fielding is usually below par, but there is no doubting the fact that he can hit it a long way, but England's selectors even selected the walking wicket, Denly ahead of him. Shah would do better if he doesn't make so many premeditated movements in the crease. Mathews is a powerful hitter and bowlers would better not bowl to him length deliveries in the end overs as it would likely disappear into the orbit!

As KKR scored 161, one can say that they had a good chance of making a match out of it as there was spongy bounce in the wicket which meant that getting the big hits wasn't going to be easy, but KKR made life difficult for themselves by dropping couple of catches of Gilly. Now, the catch that Hodge dropped was a tough one, but Langveldt should have taken the other catch offered by Gilly. As expected Gilly smashed the KKR bowlers and scored a half century. Dropping catches of a player like Gilly can really demoralise the opposition teams as he has the ability to take the the game away from the opposition ranks, but thankfully for KKR he got out after making a half century and was followed to the pavilion by Symo, Sharma and Gibbs. All three played some weird shots especially, Sharma who seemed to be playing tennis and not cricket! Langveldt bowled well in the end overs as he mixed it up well and I.Sharma too responded well by bowling a good last over to help KKR beat last year's champions. KKR though have to improve their fielding as they made too many errors in the field.

I liked the way Sharma bowled as he did hit the bat hard and got appreciable bounce from a wicket that suited him and with a bit more luck he could have got three or four wickets in the match. Langveldt too bowled well and he is known for his bowling in the T/20 format.Deccan chargers would be wondering what made their experienced batsmen play such weird shots to get out!

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