Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tendulkar's classy knock

I haven't followed all the matches of the IPL, but I was able to watch a bit Tendulkar's knock yesterday and it was great to watch the ageless Tendulkar again doing well. The beauty of any Tendulkar's knock is he doesn't slog, but is very easy on the eye. In T/20 cricket there are lots of agricultural shots played, but thankfully Tendulkar is still playing.

I liked the fact that Tendulkar played that pull shot yesterday. He seemed to have left playing that shot due to injuries, but yesterday he repeatedly played that shot against Sharma. Yes, the pitch was slow still the way he picked the length and dispatched Sharma over fine leg and when he tried it again he was hit over the mid wicket region were fine shots. His drive of Bond when he slightly opened the face to find the gap between mid off and extra cover was also a treat to watch. I won't forget those wristy shots he played of spinners by using soft hands either. He is no doubt a genius at work.

I also thought that KKR bowled the wrong line to Tendulkar. The likes of McGrath, Siddle and co. have shown that if anything, Tendlkar is slightly vulnerable when the outswinger is bowled slightly wide of off stump as in recent times, Tendulkar has played a bit away from body early in his innings. Having said that most players are vulnerable to outswingers early in their innings. Ganguly may have also tried Kartik a bit earlier as the pitch was gripping a bit.

Finally, it was great to watch Tendulkar play yet another sublime knock, but for KKR they seem to be down in dumps as their top order aren't scoring quickly

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Shridhar Jaju said...

What else do you expect from a man who was born to bat!