Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daryl Tuffey gets his century!!

It is good to see the hardworking Tuffey getting his 100th wicket in one-day cricket. He would never make the headlines as he is the workhorse in the team, but any captain would like to have a bowler, who can consistently bowl line and length and get just enough movement to trouble the opposition.

The Black Caps have always looked better when Tuffers and Bond are in the team. Bond with his hostile pace and control would do the damage and Tuffey would keep it nice and tight and give nothing away. It is always vital to have a strike bowler, who is supported by a steady bowler like Tuffey.

Tuffey didn't had the best of starts to his career as he took a pasting from the all conquering Aussies in his debut test in 99/00. In his first year itself he also had to play the battle hardened Saffers as he again got hammered, but he is a bowler with a good temperament and came back well from those early setbacks. Tuffey also had a few fitness problems and played for sometime in the ICL, but since his come back from the ICL he has been good for NZ. Today as well he did a good job by picking three crucial wickets.

Most may not rate him at all as whenever I take up his name on any cricket forum the answer would be, he is a innocuous bowler, but his record shows that he is a good bowler, especially when one thinks of the fact that pitches these days are flat and have nothing for the bowlers.

As far as the match is concerned, Tuffey and co. have done a decent job by restricting the Aussies to 275 on a flat pitch. I was impressed by the death bowling from Southee, Bond and Tuffey. I had questioned about their ability to bowl well in the end overs in my preview of the Kiwi team as I felt Bond was trying to bowl too quick and not mixing it up, but he was better today and Southee is developing into a fine death bowler, though with the new ball he has been expensive.

So, can the Kiwis chase this target down? The pitch at Napier as expected is flat but sometimes the Kiwis have the habit of falling like a pack of cards. Add to it Generalissimo isn't playing today and the big Jake has got injured, though I can't remember the last time Oram at least showed that he could hold a bat against better teams.


Dimi said...

I'm very pleased to see Tuffey become an integral part of the Black Caps (I certainly know you're pleased, gb!)

He has a very good temperament with ball in hand, and it's great to see him bowling alongside the great Bond at this level again.

greyblazer said...

Lol yeah I'm happy for him as not many seem to rate him though he has done well.

man_in_beige said...

I have no insight as to why he has been so far down the pecking order over the last few years. Part of NZ's on-going revolving door policy?

greyblazer said...

Didn't Tuffey had a few fitness problems and was down on confidence between 05 and 07, maybe Bracewell didn't rate him either as he doesn't have pace which perhaps made him go to the ICL.