Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T/20 world cup Bangladesh

I would also like to have a look at the final team in group A, Bangladesh. Bangladesh have struggled to make a mark in test cricket, but in theory they should be more suited to the T/20 format, though the tendency of their batsmen to slog everything has let them down. Bangladesh did creditably well in 07 as they beat the Caribbean team, but were humiliated by the Irish team in the 09 world cup and were packed off in the first round itself. Anyway, let us have a look at the key players in the side.

Tamim Iqbal- The day Tamim gets going it seems like the great cyclones of Bangladesh has hit the poor bowlers, but also has the habit of throwing it away by trying to hit everything on the up. In T/20 cricket, it is always important to mix caution with aggression, but Bangladesh's batsmen seem to believe in only aggression. Tamim though should like the Barbados track as unlike his teammates, he is good at cutting and pulling.

Sakib Al Hassan- Bangladesh's captain is a key component of the side. Sakib has the ability to score at a brisk pace and can bowl useful left arm spin. Just like his teammates, he should be cursing his luck that they are playing Australia at Barbados.

Abdul Razzack- Is another useful left arm spinner, but is quicker through the air than Sakib and just like Sakib has a decent arm ball. He should come into play in the second match against Pakistan at St. Lucia.

Mohammadullah- I think he is a underrated batsman as he is a fine timer of the ball, but just like other batsmen can look to slog and get out. He is too good a player to keep playing those mindless slogs. His bowling isn't up to scratch, but mark my words that Mohammudullah can become a good batsman.

Rahim- He is a gutsy batsman and perhaps the only player in the side who doesn't get tempted to slog everything. Bangladesh have to understand that 20 overs doesn't mean a team is going to face only 20 balls! Anyway, coming back to Rahim, I have to mention that his keeping can be inconsistent and that can be a bit of worry.

Among others, the medium pacer Rasel can be a useful new ball bowler in T/20 cricket as he bowls decent line and length. I know that I haven't mentioned Murtaza, but I'm not sure about his fitness.

As I said, the main worry for the Bangladesh team is, their batsmen try to play some of the craziest shots ever seen and throw their wickets away. I see that Bangladesh have Aftab Ahmed and that Crashraful in the squad and both are renowned for playing crazy shots. The other disadvantage is, Bangladesh are playing Australia at Barbados. Bangladesh's fans and players can cry or curse the organizers as with their spin dominated attack, they would have liked to play Australia at Trinidad or Guyana. The last time they played at Trinidad and Guyana in the 07 world cup, they were able to defeat heavyweights like India and South Africa. If not those grounds, even St. Lucia would have been good for them as it is another slow wicket, but nothing can be done about it as they have to play Australia at Barbados. If the Aussie pace battery get it right, Bangladesh can be in for a bit of hiding.

Bangladesh have a decent team for the T/20 format, but their batsmen's tendency to slog everything may make sure that Bangladesh won't win any matches.


Wasim said...

Bangladesh seriously lacks in Pace department. They have good spinners which will come handy in West Indies but they can't cause any serious problems without having a decent batting line up and without having a decent pace attack.

greyblazer said...

Bangladesh's batsmen have the talent but can play brainless cricket.

Anyway welcome to the blog!

Wasim said...


Talent can only be determined by positive results, if these guys had Talent with the exception of Tamim they would have won quite a few International matches.

greyblazer said...

Talent alone won't get a player anywhere. Ashraful is hugely talented but in the end it is players like Beven who win matches.

Temperament is required and Bang batsmen don't have it.