Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best Batswoman of all time

I have seen many experts, statisticians and cricket fans debating on who is the best batsman of all time, but what about the best batswoman of all time? So, I thought of analyzing about who can be the best batswoman of all time.

Heyhoe Fint

It is always said that Hey Hoe Fint was the one, who bought respectability to women’s cricket. As a player, she was said to be very good in defence and could also play attacking shots. She was rightfully inducted into MCC in 04. Fint also captained the England's side.

Janette Brittin

I was fortunate enough to see this player from Surrey, who also played for England. Her greatest strength was that once she got settled at the crease, she had the ability to get big scores. Brittin played for nearly 20 years for England and still holds the record for the most number of runs in test cricket.

Karen Rolton

She was another fine player from Australia. Her greatest strength was that she was powerful and could generate great amount of bat speed. She is easily the most powerful batswoman I have seen. Rolton also  captained the Australian side. Finally, when one remembers Rolton, everyone would remember her great innings against South Africa in the 2001 world Cup and in that innings, it rained sixes from her bat. It even made Murdoch sit up and take notice and the media mogul even took the gamble of televising that tournament. It just shows the kind of impact she made in that tournament.

Mithali Raj

Now, how can I leave the Indian lass, Mithali Raj? Mithali holds the record for the highest individual score in test cricket. She is a very sweet timer of the ball and once she gets set, has the ability to get big scores. A very fine player indeed.

Anjum Chopra

Another fine Indian player, who too has served India well over the years. Chopra, the lefthander, is another sweet timer of the ball, who can be good to watch.

Charlotte Edwards

The present captain of England may not have had the best of world cup still she too is a fine player. Edwards is very strong off her legs and can get big scores.


Probably she was the best batswoman of NZ. Her greatest strength was her ability to be innovative. A very seasoned campaigner indeed.

Belinda Clark

For me, the best batswoman of all time has to be Belinda Clark. I did not see the legendary Hey hoe Fint, but whatever I have seen of Belinda Clark makes me think that she was the most complete batswoman of all time. She had all the shots in the book and played some great innings like that double hundred against Denmark in the 97 world Cup. Yes, the bowling attack was weak still it was a fine performance from her and who can forget her valiant 90 odd in the 2001 world cup final? Her stroke play in that knock was exemplary, especially her footwork against spinners.

Claire Taylor

She has been a consistent run-getter for England and I just like her temperament as she never loses her cool. She can get big scores as it can be seen by the fact that Taylor has got eight one-day hundreds to her name. Taylor is no doubt up there with the best.


She was another classy player and I remember her for being very consistent in the 2001 world cup in NZ. Keghtley could also bowl a bit of medium pace.

I would also like to mention the new sensation Sarah Taylor who is also a good keeper, Stahlekar and the veteran all-rounder Nitschke.


Don said...

I feel Claire Taylor deserves a heading rather than a footnote. Until recently (and approaching 20 years watching the game) I would have had no hesitation in making Janette Brittin my "best I've seen". Now Claire has to be at least her equal. Both have that rare ability to remain cool in absolutely all circumstances and concentration that's hard to believe.

Sarah Taylor has undoubted natural talent, but she will need a long career to catch those two. If she continues I see no reason why she won't.

Clark was indeed a fine player but I have (being of the old school) to admit I enjoyed rather more watching her opening partner Keightley who was as elegant as any with the bat. The best knock I have seen an Australian play is undoubtedly her century at Lord's some time ago.


Hockley is 'Debbie' by the way and in a different era when the ball did not travel as it does today, could give the ball a real clout.

Oh, and can we have no 'batswomen' please. Batsman is fine and I have yet to meet a woman wielding a bat who objected to it, although I have found some who dislike the former title.

greyblazer said...

Yeah I apologise for giving Taylor just a footnote and not mentioning Keightley. Anyway welcome to the blog.

greyblazer said...

I do hope it is better now.