Sunday, April 25, 2010

T/20 world cup Australia

I thought of briefly looking at all the teams in the world T/20. First up, I would look at group A teams consisting of Australia,Bangladesh and the current champions Pakistan.


Australia haven't been good in the T/20 format, as they lost in the semifinals of the first edition and were thrown out in the first round itself in the last edition of the T/20 world cup. The Australian side though, this time around seem to be taking the T/20 version a bit more seriously under the new captain Clarke. Anyway, let us have a look at the key players in their side.

Key players

Shane Watson-Shane Watson was a revelation in the first edition of the IPL in 2008 and since then, he hasn't looked back as he has become an integral part of the Australian side in all three formats of the game. He is a powerful hitter, who can get big scores at top of the order and a underrated bowler too. I like the way he mixes it up as a bowler. As a batsman, he can be vulnerable on those slow and low tracks of the Caribbean, as he isn't very good against spin and can occasionally succumb to short pitch bowling by looking to pull on the front foot. Make no mistake, for Australia to do well in this tournament, Watson has to click as a player.

Nannes- He played for Netherlands in the last edition, but is going to now play for Australia lol. Anyway, he is no doubt a fine T/20 bowler as he is quick, has the ability to bowl yorkers, has a very good bouncer as it leaves the righthander and is equally good at going around the wicket to cramp the batsmen for room. He has also shown that he can adjust to slow tracks as he has bowled well in the IPL.

White- I still think he could have been the captain of the Australian T/20 side. Anyway, he has a fine temperament as a batsman as he can rotate the strike and is equally good at playing powerful shots down the ground. He wasn't successful in the IPL, but coming in at 6 or 7 he didn't get many chances to bat. He is also a fine fielder. One warning is, never give him the chance to bowl as he is rubbish as a bowler lol.

Steve Smith- If anything, Australia may lack good spin bowlers though, Hauritz is a fine restrictive bowler. Having said that, Smith looks like a good prospect. He still doesn't have the control as a leg spinner, which is expected as he is young, but can be a wicket taker. He is a powerful hitter and is also a brilliant fielder. He can be one of the stars of the tournament.

Warner- He is made for T/20 cricket as he is a very powerful striker especially, square of the wicket on either side. The slow wickets in the Caribbean may not be to his liking as he likes to play on the up. He is another fine fielder.

The worries for Australia would be can the pace dominated attack of Johnson, Nannes, Tait and Lee do well on those generally slow and low tracks of the Caribbean? On Caribbean tracks I would like to have a left arm spinner as on those pitches left arm spinners who can bowl wicket to wicket can come in handy. Australia could have also selected Bollinger as he has been excellent in the IPL in India and unlike others he won't be wayward. Of course they would always miss the services of their all-rounder Symonds as he is no more available to play for Australia.

The one good thing for Australia is, they won't likely play Bangladesh on a slow pitch as the Barbados track reportedly has a bit more pace otherwise, it could have been a headache for the Australian batsmen as Bangladesh would always have a couple of left arm spinners lol.

The other worry is their captain Clarke has a strike rate of 108 in T/20 cricket which isn't good enough. The squad looks good and they can go all the way to win their first tournament, but their pace dominated attack though, looks good on paper can prove to be their achilles heel on Caribbean wickets.


Wes said...

Hello GB could you be so nice again and create a single category for your previews so that they could be linked?
Cheers, Wes ;)

Anonymous said...

Have just heard Nannes has injured his finger in the IPL - losing him would be almost disastrous, I think. I reckon he and Tait will be the key for us in the bowling.

Wes said...

Bolly. Is Bolly not playing? Why??

greyblazer said...

Yeah I would create a single category. The simple reason why Bolly isn't playing is because the Australian selectors didn't think he was good enough to be in the original squad lol.

If Nannes is out it is a huge blow as he is a very good t/20 bowler. I'm not sure about Tait as he can be wayward but not Nannes.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that Bolly wasn't picked because Australia had so much quality to choose from - but that would be crap. I think most of our bowlers can go a bit wayward at times (except the god like Nannes and less than others, Tait), Bolly included and he just got unlucky. Could be a mistake leaving him out, only time will tell.

greyblazer said...

Bolly would have come in handy on Caribbean tracks as just raw pace may not do the trick in the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone thinks that MJ is rubbish at t20, but he has a better economy rate than Nannes, Lee and Tait and a very good strike rate and average.

It is odd, I have checked his t20 stats a lot as they always feel wrong, but there it is.

Just one of the many irresolvable mysteries about Mitchell Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article, GB.

Bolly domestically in Australia has an ordinary record in 20/20 that is why he wasn't chosen as the squad was selected before he turned up to blitz 'em at the IPL.


greyblazer said...


Nice to see you on the blog.Johnson's e/r being better than others is a interesting point. It maybe due to the fact that he likes bowling with the white ball? During the early part of his career he was known for his ability to bowl well in one-day cricket.