Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangladesh in England

To start with, England are doing rather well in international cricket as England won back the Ashes, reached the semifinals of the champions trophy, beat Saffers in South Africa and that is never easy, drew with South Africa in the test series, beat Bangladesh away from home and of course, I have to mention the T/20 world cup victory. So, it would be a daunting task for Bangladesh as they have to play England in England and that too in early May with swing bowlers likely going to succeed.

If Bangladesh give England a fight it would be a good achievement as the conditions are against them. It doesn't mean that they should go into the match with a defeatist attitude, but they shouldn't feel disheartened if they lose as they have a young captain and a young team. It would be a great learning experience for them for sure.

Anyway, let us look at some of their key players

Tamim Iqbal- He was in great form in Bangladesh as he smashed all the England's bowlers to smithereens, but it would be tough for him to succeed in England as he looks to hit most of the deliveries on the up. He is just about 21 and shouldn't look to change his instinctive game, but with age, it would be better if he matures as a player and doesn't look to hit every ball to the boundary and plays according to how the situation demands.

Tamim has the potential, has a decent technique and has succeeded even in places like NZ.

Sakib- For a 23 year old, I like his temperament. He has already come good with both the bat and ball against teams like India, Lanka, England and SA and that isn't a bad achievement. He is a fine strokemaker though, needs to think twice before he looks to again slog sweep Swann as Swann is a superb bowler against lefthanders.

He is a decent bowler too as he bowls with good control and rarely goes for too many runs.

Mohmadullah- If I look at all their batsmen, I think Rahim and M'ullah have the best technique. He plays late and that is something I like about him. He is a fine timer of the ball and it is high time, he concentrates solely on his batting as I don't see much potential in him as a bowler.

On the downside, just like other Bangladesh's batsmen, he can lose his concentration and throw his wicket away. I still expect him and Rahim to do reasonably well in England.

Rahim- He is one batsmen in the line up, who puts a price tag on his wicket. He is a gutsy player and has a fine technique. Rahim can sometimes make mistakes as a keeper, but has the talent to become a fine keeper. I do expect him to do reasonably well in England.

To succeed in England, one needs good quick bowlers, but they sadly don't have any. Murtaza looked like a decent quick, but is injury prone and isn't in the squad. S. Islam though has a high average can get a little bit of swing with the new ball, but won't trouble England's batsmen. Most teams take sometime before they develop some good new ball bowlers and the same can be said about Bangladesh as at present they don't have any.

Among others, Siddiqui seems to have a fine temperament though, perhaps lacks the technique to succeed as a batsman away from home.

The big worry for Bangladesh is, Sakib is down with chicken pox and Tamim is struggling with a wrist injury. Both are main players for Bangladesh and I would hope that they play in the test series.

Bangladesh would play their test matches at Lords and Old Trafford respectively. The Lords pitch has become a good batting track, but in early May, it may assist the swing bowlers more. The track at OT would no doubt have more pace and bounce, but on the fourth and fifth day can assist the spinners. In early May, the track at OT would help the seamers more as there would be a touch bit of sideways movement on offer. Reverse swing can be another factor at OT, but it would be more evident during the later part of the summer

Actually, Bangladesh have been playing better this season as they did fight hard in NZ and gave England a run for their money in the second test at home.

Finally, just like many other cricket fans, I do hope that Bangladesh develop as a cricket team!

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