Friday, May 28, 2010

Can Kumar and Yadav come good?

In recent times, Indian cricket has seen few bowlers, who have shown some promise, but have faded away very quickly. One can think of Sharma, Sree, RP.Singh, Pathan etc. All the bowlers so mentioned showed a bit of promise, but at present they are in the wilderness as they are all short of form and fitness. So, the tour of Zimb. is important for India as they need to find some decent quicker bowlers.

Among the bowlers, I have seen, I have been impressed by both Kumar and Yadav. V.Kumar isn't someone, who is going to bowl quick as he is a medium-pacer, but I think he can be a effective bowler for the Indian team as he has a very good fc record and more importantly for a medium-pacer he has a big heart. In modern times, I have seen medium-pacers, especially from India, who have mainly tried to bowl off cutters and would hope that batsmen may throw his wicket away. A fine example would be Irfan Pathan as he no more depends on swing, but tries to bowl cutters or slower bouncers. It can occasionally help in t/20 cricket as the batsmen are always looking for quick runs, but in the longer forms of the game, he would become predictable and get smashed. So, it is good to see that Kumar doesn't seem to be a bowler, who is mainly looking to contain the batsmen and hope that he would make a mistake.

The first time I saw Kumar in IPL 09, he definitely could bowl a very good outswinger and had good control. The worry was he seemed to depend mainly on that outswinger and was predictable, but I have been impressed by what I have seen of him in this year's IPL as well as the only game he played in the T/20 world cup. First of all, I have noticed that he can occasionally bowl a surprise bouncer and more importantly when he tries to bowl short he puts lots of effort into it and usually doesn't bowl a half-tracker. He also has a decent slower bouncer and his inswinger has improved. His greatest asset is, he tries to make things happen. Yes, he may have to improve his bowling in the end overs, but make no mistake, Kamar can surely become a decent bowler for India as he has the right attitude for a medium-pacer.

As far as Yadav is concerned, he is perhaps the quickest bowler in India as he can bowl at 140+. His greatest asset is, he seems to have a good build for a quick bowler. Yadav has more of a round arm action which is reminiscent of former Pakistan's quick bowlers. It should surely help him to get reverse swing on subcontinental pitches. He may not be of express pace, but can be a slippery customer and can surprise the batsmen for a bit of pace. I do hope for India's sake that unlike other quicker bowlers, he doesn't fade away quickly.

Finally, for India to remain as the number 1 test team or to do well in one-day cricket, they need some good seam bowlers as Zaheer can't play forever so, hopefully Yadav, Kumar or someone else would make their mark during this short tour of Zimbabwe.


Rishabh said...

You're right about Vinay Kumar. He has great attitude towards his game, and that is probably what we need now, more than talent that is being wasted.

greyblazer said...

I saw a bit of RP, Pathan and Patel in the IPL and they all seemed to be just going through the motions and looked listless but Kumar seems to have the right attitude. Talent isn't enough to bowl well especially with flat wickets around and batsmen using great bats but a bowler need to have a big heart.