Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Duckworth Lewis method makes its presence felt!

Most ICC tournaments usually would have something related to the D/L method. South Africa couldn't read the d/l method properly in 03, the Caribbean team chased down a target of 81 in 7 overs in the 09 T/20 world cup and now the 2010 T/20 world cup being hit by the D/L controversy.

The D/L method looks better for one-day cricket as it is made up of 50 overs, but there are problems galore with regards to T/20 cricket as if 15 overs are taken off and the match is reduced to just 5 overs, the team batting second would have a distinct advantage as they would likely have wickets in hand and when a team has wickets in hand, even a run rate of 12 per over can be chased down especially, as the team batting second won't have to chase a sizable target.

Yesterday, England found themselves at the wrong end of the stick as even after scoring 191, the opposition suddenly had to chase down just 60 runs in 6 overs with all wickets intact. It no doubt favours the team batting second. Yes, the Windies made a good start, but England made 191, so even though they made a good start, Windies needed to score as many as 192 runs to win the match, but suddenly were chasing a paltry total of 60 with all wickets in hand and as expected England lost.

I don't see any fun in reducing the number of overs to 5 or 6 and that makes me remember my childhood days, when we used to play matches made up of 5 or 6 overs lol. If not anything else, they shouldn't reduce it to below 10 overs and that would make sure the team batting second have to at least chase a bigger score. I'm still not sure about some of the other methods suggested, but the current system isn't applicable for T/20 cricket.

It shouldn't take away the fact that Morgan played beautifully and Wright came up with some lusty blows at the end of England's innings. Sammy bowled well for the Windies team, but in the end, the D/L method as expected would over shadow the match. Of course, England also didn't start well with the ball as Siders who, for some reason got picked ahead of Anderson was smashed before the rain came into play. Siders should be packed off and sent home, but England's management continue to pick the unfit and the below par Siders.

In the other match too, the rain came into play, but thankfully Mahela's innings didn't go waste as Lanka were able to win the match.

It also makes you wonder, the reason behind staging matches at Guyana with hot and humid conditions around. Guyana is known for rain and it wasn't surprising that both matches were affected by rain.It was a strange day for sure with the D/L method again taking the centre stage.


Wes said...

It makes me raging mad! Five or six overs, that's like coming out, throwing a brick at the bowlers' heads, winning the match and walking back in, except, of course, you are Zimbabwe and have not understood how D/L benefits you in that case, but I feel really sorry for them :(
It was bloody stupid really and lightning will strike down on me for saying this but England played absolutely fantastic and did NOT deserve such an end to their match. One point for each team would have been fair here, also given how the Windies started into their innings.

PS GB are you tagging your match reports again... you know... to make them linkable as a chunk? Would be cool to be able to link a more "serious" reference for the matches, and it looks like you are covering nearly all of them,


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greyblazer said...

England deserved more out of that match as they got 191. Gayle also should thank the minnow expert Sidebottom for bowling rubbish.

Zimb? they seem to have followed in the footsteps of their big brother SA though SA couldn't understand the difference between a par score and a winning score

greyblazer said...

I have tagged it.

greyblazer said...

So you wrote warning KP bias lol.