Monday, May 10, 2010

India falter again

It was yet another dismal performance from the highly fancied Indian team. I actually don't know what to say as they were below par in bowling, batting and fielding. It was a woeful performance for sure.

India again won the toss and elected to field. Now even if Dhoni wants to take advantage of the new ball with a bit of moisture in the pitch, India should have the bowlers to take advantage of it, but they only had Zak and Nehra. As expected, Dhoni used his part-time bowlers very early in the innings and the Caribbean batsmen took advantage of it and got 169. The track at Barbados does help both the quicker bowlers and even the spinners, but there is no place for part-timers as they would be exposed on that sporting track.I say it again that I have seen better bowlers than Jadeja at the club level.

Gayle played a magnificent knock as he smashed the Indian bowlers all over the park, but was helped by some innocuous bowling from the part-timers in the Indian team and of course, poor fielding. Gayle deserved a century but unfortunately got out for 98.

The Indian batsmen again got a barrage of bouncers and crumbled under pressure. To be fair to Ghambir he got a brute of a delivery that would have got most batsmen out. I don't see too many flaws in their technique though, some of them may have to improve their back foot play. More than anything else, the tendency of the Indian batsmen of being in two minds to whether pull or sway away from the line isn't helping them. ( I would like to talk more about facing short pitch bowling in my next article) Dhoni scored a few runs, but the damage was already done and in the end India lost. Interestingly, I saw Harbie coming ahead of Jadeja. So can this Jadeja now be called tail beginner?

I liked the intent shown by Caribbean bowlers like Taylor, Roach and Sammy as they came hard at the Indian batsmen and even their fielding was good. India have to hope for a miracle to get into the semifinals, but to be frank, they don't deserve to be in the semifinals.


Purna said...

Grey, I am curious..which team do you support?

greyblazer said...


greyblazer said...

And maybe the poor Bangladesh lol.

Shridhar Jaju said...

What do you feel about England's chances without KP?

greyblazer said...

I would be lying if I say that it won't affect England's chances. His ability to come in at three and dominate opposition attacks even after the power play is over makes him a dangerous player but he isn't there so other players have to do well.

stroller said...

Hi, gb. Why did Dhoni bowl? Select a big fat batting line-up, then bowl. I suppose he could have been nervous of what Roach and Taylor would do with a greener pitch, but surely using that batting line-up to post a big scary score would be the tactic. As soon as he put the Windies in I thought "Gayle is going to make you pay for that".

greyblazer said...


Nice to see you on the blog. I don't think there is anyone who can explain the logic behind Dhoni's decisions.

He won the toss and elected to bowl first when one could see that after a few overs the pitch would have become a decent track for batting. It was just about negotiating the first three or fours overs. So was he so afraid of Taylor and Roach on a decent wicket?

Secondly as we know that India went for eight batsmen yet they elected to bowl first.

As they bowled first they should have clearly selected another seamer but even if they were batting first Dhoni and co. missed a trick by not selecting another seamer on that sporting track. The nippy Yadav or the honest trier and I reckon slightly underrated Vinay should have been selected. Barbados isn't a track that would help dibbly dobblers as it doesn't keep low.

In the end Jadeja came into bat behind Harbie and bowled a couple of overs for about 30 runs.

Some strange decisions taken by Dhoni and co.