Monday, June 7, 2010

Bangladesh and test status

As expected, Bangladesh's batsmen were exposed on a pitch with bounce and sideways movement at Old Trafford and with their capitulation, calls for revoking their test status has again started. So, is it right to take away their test status?

Bangladesh weren't ready when they first played test cricket, but that is expected of a new team. In recent times though, their batsmen have started to deliver as in the Kiwiland they got over 400 runs. Yes, the conditions in NZ have got better for batting yet, it was a good achievement for a team like Bangladesh to score over 400 runs.

At home, they did give England a bit of fight and in England, they played reasonably well at Lord's. Yes, they failed miserably at Old Trafford, but I would like to ask how many teams have been able to do well in England when it is helping the swing bowlers? Last year, Australia failed to do well when it helped the quicker bowlers in the first innings at Lord's and in the first innings at Edgbaston and they have far better players than Bangladesh. It isn't a piece of cake to face Anderson when the conditions suit him..

It can also be said that most of their batsmen now average around 30 or over 30 which wasn't the case before. Yes, they tend to depend a lot on their star batsmen Tamim, but when compared to their batting line-up in the past, they no doubt have a better batting line-up now. Bangladesh though, may have to drop Crashraful forever and it is high time, Mohammadullah bats higher up the order. Bangladesh also need to find good seamers. Yes, Shafiul isn't bad as isn't Shahdat, but they aren't bowlers, batsmen are going to really worry about. Bangladesh have Sakib, but he is a spinner and one bowler can't do everything. I'm optimistic with time, they would find at least one good quick.

Teams like Lanka and NZ took a longtime before they succeeded in test cricket as playing test cricket isn't easy. Yes, they were given test status too early and patience is running out with Bangladesh, but I see some good signs with Bangladesh especially, in their batting and I do believe at home, they would give teams like NZ and West Indies a run for their money and may even defeat them!


Anonymous said...

balanced view -TQTS

greyblazer said...

Thanks for the comment.

Keshto said...

Good post GB entirely agree with you!!

greyblazer said...

Thanks for the comment. I don't know whether two tier system is the way to go forward but I don't see any sense in revoking the test status of a country that is showing a bit of improvement.

half-tracker said...

A genuine quick is vital. If they could find one to partner Mashrafe with the new ball, and have Shahadat or Shafiul as first change then the could do well. Give them time to develop a decent domestic structure and a steady flow of players with quality.

Ingo Flamingo said...

@ half-tracker The genuine quick bowler does seem to be the stumbling block for many aspiring nations. (All the associate nations at the world cup didn't have one genuine fast bowler between them).Afghanistan were completely chanceless against the quicks in the windies recently, as none of them had ever faced one before!

I don't think there's a solution to this though. A genuine fast bowler is a combination of talent and developement, and Bangladesh don't have the resources to develope a good fast bowler at the moment.

Good post greyblazer. I watched parts of the Lords test, and while England won easily, I still felt it was genuine test cricket with full entertainment value. Go Bangladesh!

greyblazer said...

Half Tracker,

Murtaza likely won't play test matches again. I think their younger players can look to play club cricket in Australia as it is said to be very competitive out there.

greyblazer said...

Ingo Flamingo,

Welcome to the blog and thanks for making a very good post. Yeah it is true that all aspiring nations don't have a genuine quick though I liked the tall fella from Afghanistan called Zadran in the t/20 world cup. Actually even major cricketing nations are struggling a bit for genuine quick bowlers. It is also a fact that genuine quick is a combination of talent and development and Bang. don't have the resources back home.

The best they can hope for is a bowler like Shahdat to stop trying for extra pace and work on his line and length as well as his wrist position.

Deep said...

Good blog GB. Good to see someone giving a bit of space to the Bangla Tiger's effort in England. Old Blighty is one of the hardest destinations on the cricket circuit and I thought Bangladeshis did quite well (if I sound condescending, I apologize). I agree that Bangladesh got their test status too early, especially as their domestic set up wasn't much to talk about. However their performance in Lord's test was heart warming, defeat notwithstanding. I was extremely impressed with their performance against Indians in last series at home. They have given scare to even Aussies at home. It is about time BCCI invite them for a full series. It is disgraceful that their closet neighbor and a supposed ally is probably the only country they are yet to visit for test series!! India has a good break from test matches. Instead of running after Aussies they should have filled it with Tiger's tour.

GB, keep up the good work mate.

greyblazer said...


Welcome to the blog. Yeah it is very difficult to play in England because of the sideways movement on offer. Bangladesh also have a young batting line-up and it is a bit too much to expect them to play well in such conditions. I can see a bit of improvement as all their batsmen now average around 30 or more than 30.

Bangladesh also gave a tough fight to NZ in NZ and my feeling is they can at least draw matches against NZ and beat the listless Westindies side at home.

Som said...

Quite a likable bunch, this Bangla boys and you don't doubt their integrity. As you said, we need to be a little more patient with them. And having a two-tier system would serve no purpose.

greyblazer said...


Great to see you on the blog. Patience is the key and expecting them to succeed when it swung around at OT is absurd.