Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finn continues to impress

It was a pleasure to watch a young bowler bowling with such a wise head on his young shoulders at Lords as he deservedly got nine wickets to help England win the first test against Bangladesh. Of course, I'm talking about the promising Finn.

The first time I saw Finn was in the under 19 world cup in 2007/08. The first thing that one could notice about Finn was, unlike so many other tall bowlers in recent times like Tremlett, Broad, Morkel etc, here was a bowler, who didn't believe in banging it half way down the pitch, but could consistently bowl at a good length spot and the odd ball fuller to induce the edge. I'm not surprised that Finn's idol is Mcgrath as Finn has modeled his action and approach to bowling on McGrath. He has a very strong action and keeps it simple by looking to hit the deck hard and hit the top of off stump. I wonder why do bowlers like Broad not follow the simple, but the effective approach of Finn. I don't see too much benefit in a bowler being tall if he keeps banging it short and it is even more puzzling with Broad as he crouches at the point of delivery and that doesn't help him to get as much bounce as he should. So, he should bowl a fuller length.

Anyway, coming back to the hero of the match Finn, he has shown that more than pace it is about bowling line and length. He is nippy, but more importantly looks to make the batsmen play and makes use of his height by bowling a fuller length. I do remember a few, who were not impressed by Finn when he first came onto the scene as he wasn't an out and out quick bowler, but if a bowler is tall, he doesn't need to bowl really quick as he can use his height to his advantage.

He also should do well in Australia as he doesn't seem to be a bowler, who would get carried away by the extra bounce on Australian wickets and bowl half way down the pitch.

As far as the match was concenred, Bangladesh showed that they belong to test cricket though, they need to work on their bowling attack. England too have to look at their bowling as, especially Bresnan looked short of international class, but the management would no doubt be happy about the progress, the young and very promsing Finn has made.


half-tracker said...

Finn did look good, though whether he is our fast bowling solution I'm not too sure. He reminds me of Tremlett three years ago, not just the height but the length he bowled too. I suspect though that Onions will probably replace him for the Pakistan matches.

greyblazer said...

I think he bowls a fuller length than Tremlett.

half-tracker said...

Yes Tremlett got it into his head that he wanted to knock everyone's head off and he got punished for that as he didn't have the pace or guile to pull it off, but I do remember before England wrecked him he pitched it up more and was able to find movement.

greyblazer said...

Yeah I do remember especially at Oval against India he bowled too short as he looked to knock everyone's head on a batting paradise and got no wickets.

England's management have wrecked many bowlers and with Vaughan around Tremlett was always going to be dropped lol.

half-tracker said...

For Pattinson!! Gawd what is the world coming to? That was the final nail and Tremlett wasn't the same after that. His yorker still worked occasionally though, and once or twice he reverted to a good length, such as in the FPT against Worcestershire where him and Riazuddin were nearly unplayable opening the bowling.