Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hazlewood fast-tracked into the Australian squad and Bell getting a recall

I see that as Johnson is unfit, Australia have fast-tracked the 1.96 m. tall Hazlewood into the side. He is just 19 and has only played 8 list A games.

I have seen a bit of Hazlewood, but that was in the under 19 world cup at Malaysia and in the Kiwiland respectively.  I do remember him looking like a giant in front of dwarfs in Malaysia and as expected getting bounce. He surely has the potential as he can bowl a heavy ball and has decent control for a 19 year old quick. As expected, I have seen a few comparing him with McGrath which is nothing new as nowadays, every promising tall quick bowler is compared to McGrath, but if I have to compare him with someone, I would say that  he bowls more like the underrated quick from WA Jo Angel. He may straightaway not make his mark at the international level, but I would be surprised if he doesn't lead the Australian attack in the future.

I also see that Bell has been recalled back into the side. Yes, he has been doing well for his county, Warwickshire, but can he score quickly at the international level? I have my doubts over it.  Actually, I just can't fathom the revolving door policy of England's selectors, as sometimes Cook is picked, sometimes Trott is picked and he can feel a bit hard done by as he was reasonably good in South Africa and now Bell has been recalled. The fact of the matter is, in  modern times, a score of 300 has become a regular feature yet, the above mentioned players have strike rates in low 70's and England are going to play a world cup in the subcontinent with batsmen needing to play more lofted shots. It is also interesting to see that Prior has been dropped. He too can count himself unlucky, but Kieswetter can score quickly and also get useful scores. Of course, I can't write any article without discussing about the undroppable Siders. He averages almost 36 in one-day cricket and has a grand average of 75.6 in his last nine matches.

Finally, it is always great to watch a young promising quick bowl and I would surely look forward to seeing Hazlewood bowl in the onedayers.


Anonymous said...

The new McGrath tag got tired around the time it was applied to Stuart Broad. It is a poor quality label now.

You know your players, gb. I never hear anyone mention Jo Angel and he was a handy bowler.

It's too early for Hazlewood, but the Aussie quick stocks are so decimated by injury I guess they feel they might as well give him a go.

Hopefully he won't play though, as I'd expect him to get belted around.


Purna said...

Man, just when you thought you've met all of Australia's reserve bowlers (in the pointless ODI series against India), they pull out a new one. And here's the funny part, they are not only under 30...they are teens!

greyblazer said...

Broad struggles to bowl even decent line and length.

Angel was a terrific bowler and and if he had played for England would have been likely hyped as the next Garner. Just had a bad debut against the mighty Westindies and reportedly bowled well on flat pitches of Pak. but saw catches dropped of his bowling. Interestingly both McGrath and Angel were said to be unlucky in Pakistan in 94 but the selectors didn't drop McGrath (maybe as Angel didn't play for NSW)

Hazlewood may not be in his class but in the years to come can become a handy bowler as he has the ability to bowl the heavy ball though as you said at present he is too young.

greyblazer said...


Great to see you on the blog! Australia have a strong domestic structure. Yes they aren't as strong as they used to be but even with injuries can still field a team that is tough to beat.

half-tracker said...

At least they aren't wheeling out Magoffin or Laughlin or Noffke. I think Hazelwood needs more time but he has to start somewhere - the great players respond to any challenge thrown at them. I think my namesake (minus the Hazelwood bit) will do quite well.

Som said...

Finn, Hazelnuts... mean Hazlewood...don't you think some people are being favoured just because they resemble roadside lamppost?

greyblazer said...

Lol but how could you have ever left out the name of saint Broad?

greyblazer said...

Oh god Maggofin, Noffke, Dorey and co. but your namesake is perhaps a bit better.

half-tracker said...

I know, it would be terrible if they flew out a golden oldie. Like the new background, by the way!

greyblazer said...


Deep said...

Good Blog. Australian domestic cricket is quite strong even in regional areas; e.g. our grade cricket (Newcastle) produced two very good pace bolwers in last 3 years, Burt Cockley and Michael Hogan. Hazelwood has something special. Skull (Kerry O'Keefe) has been pushing for his inclusion for a while. He played in country cup 3 years back against my sons and both said he was sharp then. He has good out swinger and hits the deck hard. Good to see a country boy come up. Hope Cricket Australia devise some scheme to bring many more country players into main stream. Far too many are lost in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

I love that Australia have lads like these in reserve ... remember what happened in India last year? You need to have plenty of backup for when everyone gets injured at the same time!

greyblazer said...


Thanks for the comment. Good to see that cricket structure continues to be strong in Australia.

Hazlewood can at least develop into a bowler who can bowl the heavy ball.

greyblazer said...


Thanks for visiting the blog. Yes I do remember the series against India as youngsters like McKay came good.

It is great to have back up players as nowadays so many players are getting injured and the main players may yet get injured during the Ashes!