Friday, June 11, 2010

Mexico v South Africa

The opening encounter of the world cup would be between the hosts South Africa and  Mexico. Both teams aren't expected to progress too far in the tournament.

South Africa

Most of South African players play in the local leagues and may lack the experience to win matches on the big stage and they are ranked as low as 83. One key point in their favour is, the home support and they have a good coach in Perreira.

South Africa likely would go for a 4-4-2 formation. If they have to progress to the next round, they need their inspirational play maker from Everton, Pienaar to fire. Mphela can be a decent striker upfront. Both wingers Modise and Tshabala can also play key roles for the Bafana Bafana side.


Mexico had a good result against Italy in their warm up match as they defeated them and they too have a  good chance of winning the first match against the hosts.

I do expect Mexico to dominate the possession with their quick passing. Mexico may depend on their skipper Marquez to stop the threat of Pienaar and if he succeeds in doing it, South Arica are in trouble. Upfront they would look at Santos, Blanco and the talented Hernandez for inspiration.

To be frank, It is tough to pick a winner in this match. Mexico are perhaps more talented, but as South Africa have the home support, they may just get a narrow win. Actually, I would always like to see the hosts do well!


Shridhar Jaju said...

As I write this comment, it's 0-0 in the 50th minute... it's been a pretty sedate opener thus far... lets see if there are fireworks in store for the following 40 mins... i really doubt it though!

greyblazer said...

Tshabala gets a goal!

greyblazer said...

Khune is a good goalkeeper.

Som said...

It was a neat match between two sides of nearly equal might. Tshabalala rocks and Safrica's defeat would have been a dampener.

Anonymous said...

I see you're on football now - probably smart, really. I imagine those of us who stick with cricket will get a lot less hits in the next month. Well, I like football and now know where to come when I want to bitch about the ref being the ONLY reason Australia don't make it out of the group stage ...


greyblazer said...


The second half was better to watch and SA created more chances. I like Tsabalala though my not get so much space against teams like Uruguay.

greyblazer said...


Lol I only thought of writing something about the opening day of the world cup and don't worry about me getting more hits as at most I may cover just a few matches in the knock out stages.

greyblazer said...

You're always welcome to come to the blog to bitch about the referee though as I can get more hits!