Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Associate X1

Experts have many times picked all time teams for the full members of ICC, but what about the associate teams? I just thought of selecting 11 players from associate countries who, I have seen and admired over the years.

My team

Porterfield(Ire))- As we know that Porterfield is the present captain of the Ireland team and has been a consistent run-getter for them. Porterfield also plays for Gloucestershire in county cricket.

It was a close call between Shah, Otieno both of Kenya and Porterfield, but I just felt that Porterfield is more consistent, though I won't mind having the very talented Shah in the side either.

Davison(Can)- Davison was born in British Colombia, but moved to Australia at a young age. He struggled to get into the Victorian side and when the Canadian board approached him in 99, he made up his mind to play for Canada.

Davison's finest moment came at Centurion in 2003 as he smashed 111 of just 76 balls against the West Indies team. He hit six sixes in that game and some of the pull shots he played were breathtaking to watch. His knock of 111 against the West Indies team was the fastest century in a World cup at that time and that knock showed he had a great hand-eye co-ordination. He also took Bond and co. to the cleaners in another league game in that tournament. Davison wasn't at his best in the 07 world cup yet, he scored a fine half century against the Kiwis. He could also bowl clever off spin. His class can be seen by the fact that his strike rate was 105.8 in one-day cricket and took 31 wickets with his off spin bowling.

Tikolo(Ken)- He perhaps would be remembered as the best batsman among the associate countries and he would be the first name in any all time team picked from associate countries. Sir Viv Richards is his idol and one can see a bit of Viv in his batting as he is a fearless batsman who, also has a good technique. He was at his peak in the 96 world cup and his class could be seen by him making 96 against Murali and co. in that tournament. In recent times, The Kenyan team has tended to depend a lot on him, but he continued to be a prolific run-getter for them. Tikolo also bowls useful off spin  and captained  the Kenyan side, when they shocked the cricketing world by reaching the semifinals in the 2003 world cup. One has to consider the fact that Kenyan cricket hasn't been run well in recent times yet, Tikolo showed his skills as a captain in the 03 world cup. It was a sad day for cricket, when he announced his retirement from the game, but the good news is, he has made a comeback and is available for selection. Surely no one can doubt his class as he has 3304 one-day runs to his name!

Maurice Odumbe(Ken)- Odumbe and Tikolo were the pillars of Kenyan batting for a longtime. Odumbe was a technically gifted batsman and could bowl useful off spin. He also played a key role to help a very good Kenyan side to reach the semifinals in the 2003 world cup as they stunned the cricketing world, but his name was somewhat tainted by allegations of him being involved in match fixing and was banned for five years in 2004, but I really liked his batting and would have him in my side.

Niall 'O' Brien(Ire)- He is the best wicketkeeper I have seen among the associate countries. He is also a gutsy batsman who, has played some crucial knocks like that half century against Pakistan in the 2007 world cup. He may yet play for England in the future, but at present he is still playing for Ireland and I would select him in my team lol. He plays for Northamptonshire in county cricket.

Doeschate(Holl)- He is one of the cleanest strikers of the ball I have seen and has played some memorable knocks for his county, Essex and Holland. His class can be seen by the fact that he averages 67 in one-day cricket. Doeschate can also take crucial wickets with his medium-pace bowling. He is easily one of the better cricketers to have emerged from associate countries.

Odoyo(Ken)- He is another of those golden generation of Kenyan cricketers who, started playing international cricket in the 90's. He took up the game because he saw Richards batting in a international game and smash the opposition bowlers to smithereens on T.V.

Odoyo himself can play some eye-catching shots and is a fearless player of fast bowling. Just like Tikolo, Odoyo oozes with so much natural talent. Odoyo can also bowl at a nippy pace and troubles the best of players.

Lefebvre(Holl)- The former Glamorgan, Somerset and Holland seamer was a epitome of consistency especially, in one-day cricket as he rarely gave away runs and was also a fine batsman lower down the order. He also played in the 96 world cup at the ripe age of 33, but on the flat tracks of subcontinent, he could still bowl reasonably well and got useful runs lower down the order. Many consider him as the best cricketer from Holland.

Johnston(Ire)- Johnston started his career playing for the strong New South Wales side in the late 90's before he thought of playing for Ireland.Johnston's greatest moment came in the 2007 world cup, when he led the side very well as Ireland shocked Pakistan to reach the super six. Johnston with age has lost pace, but can still bowl line and length and get a bit of bounce. He rarely ever goes for runs as it can be seen by his economical bowling figures against England in the recently concluded T/20 World cup. Johnston can also slog a few as a batsman. He is the captain of my side as he can motivate the players and tactically too he is good.

Karim(Ken)- The left arm spinner from Kenya was another bowler who, rarely went for runs. He was tall and could get bounce. Karim also captained the Kenyan side in the 99 world cup and was an integral part of the Kenyan side which shocked the cricketing world by reaching semifinals of the 2003 world cup. Half-tracker reminded me about Seelaar and he too is a fine spinner. Actually, I won't mind having either Karim, or Seelaar in the side as both are fine spinners.

Rankin(Ire)- Rankin is a strapping fast bowler who, can get bounce and can bowl quick. He has been injury prone, but has been an integral part of both Ireland and Warwickshire side in county cricket.

12th man- Kevin 'O' Brien

It was tough to leave out the brother of Niall 'O' Brien as Kevin himself is a fine all-rounder, but as it is said that only 11 players can be picked in a side!

I would also like to mention Bart King from US as he was said to be a very good fast bowler with judges like Pelham Warner rating him highly, but he played cricket for the US team in the 19th century lol.

I haven't included Ed Joyce, D.Brown, Hamilton, Morgan, Amjad Khan and co. as I just don't feel it is right to include them as they all went onto to play for England, though it has to be said that both Hamilton and Brown came back to play for Scotland and Ed Joyce is again thinking of playing for Ireland.

Honourable mentions
Rahul Sharma(Hong Kong), Stuart Brew(Hong Kong), Blain(Sco), Majid Haq(Sco), Coetzer(Sco), Watson(Sco), Nel(Sco), Hoffmann(Sco), Bray(Ire), Dockrell(Ire), Botha(Ire), Nabi(Afg), Hassan(Afg), E.Odumbe(Ken), K.Otieno(Ken), C.Obuya(Ken), Chudassuma(Ken), Shah(Ken), Modi(Ken), Bakker(Holl), Klass Van Nortwijk(Holl), Seelaar(Holl), Bunge(Holl), Andre Van Troost(Holl), Zuiderant(Holl), N.Clarke(Holl), Edgar Schiferli(Holl), Bagai(Can), Cheema(Can) and many more.


half-tracker said...

I now fully agree with this list :D

greyblazer said...


greyblazer said...

Now don't force me to include Asim Butt, Watts, White, Sadiq, Cusack and others.

half-tracker said...

You can keep those particular players, not much going for them. Cusack is alright but shouldn't be mentioned in an associate XI!

greyblazer said...

What about Karim Sadiq lol.

half-tracker said...

If we were just talking 4 day games then Sadiq maybe but Shahzad is far superior, as is Mangal in my view.

Rishabh said...

What about Rizwan Cheema of Canada? He bats like a madman! Youtube him!

greyblazer said...

I must confess I haven't seen much of him but I did mention him among the honourable mentions. He seems to be very good for sure.

I would look at youtube and if I do another team relating to associate players I would likely include him in the team!

Russ said...

Interesting list. A current associate team is more interesting, I suspect, because it allows you to ask whether they could match or beat other test teams - which, at the moment, they probably could.

Add Kervezee to the list of names to watch. He gets big raps. And the Afghan bowlers impressed me immensely in the T20 cups. Players who bowl quick and swing the ball can push for selection in any side.

greyblazer said...


First of all welcome the blog. Yeah that is a interesting point you make about selecting a current associate team as there are some seriously good players like Doeschate going around.

Yeah Kervezee has a bright future ahead of him and the same can be said about Afghan players like Nabi and Hassan.

mikesiva said...

Interesting list, GB. Of course, this is a list of associate players down the recent years. But some of the players, especially the Kenyans, have seen better days. What would your list be for the best current Associate XI?

greyblazer said...


Welcome to the blog.

The team can be

Nial O Brien
Kevin O Brien/Odoyo(Odoyo perhaps isn't as good as he used to be)

12th man Hassan

I may have left out a few names as I made the list in a hurry.