Thursday, July 29, 2010

Azeem Rafiq and twitter

I see that England's under 19 player Rafeeq has got into trouble for foul mouthing the coach on twitter. Oh, God! if any player wants to vent his frustration why would he want to use a site like twitter and to make it worse, he  was  the captain of the side before being stripped from the post for his outburst.  Rafiq  is even  understood to have said that he was unaware his Twitter site could be viewed publicly lol.

If the coach thinks his attitude isn't good enough, he could have approached the coach and had a frank discussion with him. Just take into consideration a player like Haydos, as he wasn't even selected for the Australian academy, but took the disappointment of not being selected in his stride, worked hard on his game and became a successful cricketer.   

Azeem Rafiq isn't the first one to foul mouth when using a social networking site though, as in recent times, I have seen many, who have lost the plot when they  use social networking sites.

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