Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can KP score a hundred?

I have been a great admirer of KP's batting over the years and it can be seen by the fact that I followed his progress even when he played for England's Academy side that toured India in 2003. He has come a long way since then, as he has now scored sixteen test hundreds and over 5000 test runs, but the worry is, he hasn't got a hundred since the test at Antigua against West Indies back in March 2009. I know that he had to overcome the troublesome Achilles-heel problem, but the time has come for KP to add to his tally of sixteen hundreds.

I did watch all the five one-day matches against Australia and I do agree with England's coach Flower that KP is hitting through the off-side as well as he has ever done. Yes, in South Africa he clearly lacked match practice, but since then, he has looked good though, a big score has eluded him.

The next series for England is against Pakistan and  KP  has to clearly look out for Asif, as he has troubled him before by bowling full and swinging it away from him. KP's tendency to play across the line hasn't helped him against Asif. Ameer is another fine bowler as he can swing it both ways. Ameer is also a left armer and in the past, KP has struggled a bit against left arm swing bowlers. For instance, RP.Singh troubled him at Trent Bridge in 2007. Pakistan  also has Gul, so it won't be easy for KP to get big scores.

Actually, since he made his debut against Australia in that famous Ashes series in 05, KP has consistently scored runs in all formats of the game, but 2009 was a bad year for him as he had that Achilles injury and in 2010, he has threatened to get a big score, but only to disappoint his fans and get out. I do hope that he scores a hundred against Pakistan, as it has been more than a year since he got a test hundred.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Was about to write something on that.... especially this bit:

"Yes, in South Africa he clearly lacked match practice, but since then, he has looked good though"

Especially in the Natwest series I would say he looked worse than Kieswetter. Dunno how he played in Bangladesh (if he played), but these are pitches on which also Geoff Boycott's grandmother could make a ton, which she did, as we saw. In the Caribbean he was great and back in England he started to suck again. The merits in the Tests against Bangladesh were taken by others as well. Looks like he is becoming a T20 specialist, there you have your reason why the hundreds are getting rare. ;)

Cosgrove round-up - No pun intended

greyblazer said...

Lol I don't think he looked worse than Kies as there wasn't any problem with his technique. He played one off drive in the first match and another back foot drive and I haven't seen him play too many times a shot on the rise through the back foot before. His stroke play through the off side has improved but seems to think he is the next Sir Viv and is throwing his wicket away by playing too many shots.

Kieswetter has lots of raw talent but has some issues with his technique. If he works on it he would become a very dangerous player but at present he seems to be just making room and looking to slog it through the off side.