Sunday, July 18, 2010

Having a look at Mithun

In the test match at Galle, Indian bowlers had a very bad day in the office as all of them  looked innocuous  on the first day's play. Sharma looked a pale shadow of his former self and was even looking to bowl well wide of off stump to escape from  further punishment, Harbie seemed to be troubled  by a sore knee and  Ojha rarely got anything to turn. Actually, Sehwag looked more threatening than both Harbie and Ojha.

Today, we also saw the greenhorn Mithun making his test debut and I have to say that for a debutant, he bowled reasonably well.  So, in this article, I would like to have a look at the newbie in the Indian team.

In recent times, Indian cricket has seen promising quickies like Pathan, RP.Singh, Shama, Sree and others fading away very quickly.  It maybe a combination of bowlers not working hard on their fitness, lacking in temperament and too much tinkering by the coaching staff,  but the simple fact is, the above mentioned bowlers haven't performed to their potential. Today, yet another quick bowler made his debut for India and that was of course Mithun. He is another bowler, who has some potential though he is still raw. If he works hard on a few technical aspects and works on his fitness, he can be a good find for the Indian team, but with so many Indian bowlers losing their way in recent times, I am a bit wary of saying good things about his bowling!

So, let us briefly look at Mithun's bowling

Mithun has a good build for a quick bowler and as he has a open chested action, he can angle it back into the batsmen sharply. He has a bustling run up, hits the deck reasonably hard and has a well directed bouncer. I also feel that it isn't easy to pick his bouncer as he has a quick arm action and that may have helped him to get Dilly's wicket.  I think with his action, he can develop a lethal bouncer and even a yorker.

Mithun has to work on a few things and they are mainly technical. The first time I saw him was in IPL 08 and one could clearly notice that his legs were collapsing in his final delivery stride which meant that he was losing out on pace. He seems to have worked a bit on it, though it is still collapsing a bit.I would like his front foot to point towards the batsman. His non bowling hand  also collapses a bit. I don't want to be too technical, but there are a few technical flaws which should have been corrected when he was playing junior level cricket, but unfortunately it hasn't been done.

If he works on his fitness and maybe a few technical aspects, he can be a fine bowler for India as he seemed to have the heart to bowl long spells under humid condtions at Galle, but that is a big if , as more than just a few Indian bowlers have shown potential only to fade away very quickly. I also saw a few comments about why Munaf wasn't selected, but I won't bet on him being able to bowl even 10 overs under hot and humid conditions in Lanka!


sunny said...

Sorry for my apathy about Indian cricket, but who exactly is this Mithun again? I couldn't watch the match, but I recall his name in one of the IPL sides; which one was it?

greyblazer said...


He played for Royal Challengers though he got into the side as he performed well in Indian domestic cricket.

sunny said...

Thanks. I think I can remember him now.