Monday, July 19, 2010

In support of Kieswetter

I see that things aren't looking too rosy for the golden boy of Somerset, Kieswetter as after his struggles against Australia, he is now struggling to score runs even in FP T/20 matches. In theory, T/20 matches should suit him, but unfortunately, even in t/20 matches, he has now become a super dud.

Couple of monts ago,  everything looked different for Kiewetter,  as he took to batting like a duck to water by scoring  a hundred in Bangladesh, got the man of the match in the final of the T//20 world cup and was a world cup winner,  but  international cricket can be  a tough grind and the opposition would all the time look for even minute flaws in a batsman and at present, it seems like Kieswetter has lost confidence in his ability and is just looking to slog everything out of the ground .

l  surely believe that Kies has lots of talent as a batsman as he has quick hands, is powerful and some of the shots he plays square off the wicket on the off side makes my jaws drop, but just raw talent isn't enough as to succeed in international cricket, it requires a good defence and a player needs to be mentally tough.  Kieswetter should go back to the drawing board and work hard on his technique  and also should look to expand his game by playing more in the V.  Actually,  Somerset's inspirational player Tres did say that they are looking at ways to make him play more in the V which is good news. Recent failures would also test his temperament and hopefully, he will become mentally tougher and come back a better player.

Recently, England cricket's director Andy Flower also said that hopefully Kieswetter would learn from the experience and come back a  better player. I'm sure a coach like Flower would keep faith in Kieswetter. Even I do believe that Kieswetter can succeed as a batsman as he has lots of talent and  he is young though, I am not very sure about him as a keeper.

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