Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Sutil a future champion?

As I have said before, along with cricket, I would like to blog about other sports too. So, this time around, I would look at F-1.

If I think about F-1 this year, the big question on everyone's lips is about the fight between Webber and Vettel on who is the number one driver in Red Bull's team, but at Silverstone, another driver who caught my eye was the young German, Sutil.

Background about Force India

Mallya brought the Spyker team and called it Force India in 2007. The Silverstone based outfit has been making steady progress what with Fisi getting a podium finish last year at Spa and this year, they have almost collected 50 points and are placed a creditable sixth in the constructors championship. 

Sutil's progress

In F-1,  for a driver to do well the car has to be good, but at the same time, any successful team  also needs a fine driver behind the wheels and in my opinion, Force India have got a gem of a driver  in Sutil. When Sutil was signed to drive for Force India, a few weren't sure about his pontential, but with time, he has improved and with Fisi leaving the team, he has now become the number one driver.

Sutil as a future world champion 

So, coming back to the topic on hand about Sutil being a future champion, I would definitely say  that with a better car, he can at least win one  championship. Sutil has the ability to get the best out of a average car like he did at Monaco grand prix in 08 and again at Chinese GP in 09 and that is a hallmark of any champion. Yes, last year, at times he was over enthusiastic and made a few mistakes like at Spa, but that is expected from a  youngster. In 2010 though, he has consistently scored points.

In the last race at British GP, he showed good defensive skills as well, as he was able to hold up Vettel for more than just a few laps. He cleverly took defensive lines and used Force India's straight line speed to frustrate Vettel  for a considerable period of time.  In the end, Vettel was able to muscle past Sutil as he had a better car, but Sutil again showed that he is a driver with a bright future.

The big boys, Mclaren, Ferrari and Red  bull should look at signing the young German as he has the makings of a future champion. For starters, he would surely do better than Massa!

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