Friday, July 16, 2010

Now North gets onto the honours board!

Oh god! it can't get worse as North now has got a five wicket haul and his name would be on the honours board at Lord's!!  Nothing  can beat North's name being on  the honours board for his bowling at Lord's. It is like Agarkar getting a century at Lord's in 2002.

As far as the match was concerned, on a good pitch for batting, Pakistan's batsmen played poor shots to gift their wickets away. Butt played a lazy shot to get out. Actually, the credit has to go to Paine for coming up with a fine stumping. If that wasn't enough, Umar Akmal played another bad shot as North got his second though, it has to be said that ball did seem to bounce off the rough, Umar's elder brother tried to play another slog and got out,   Afridi played like he always does to gift his wicket to North, the tailender Ameer followed in other batsmen's footsteps to gift yet another wicket to North.  Pakistan were soon bowled out for 289 to hand the Aussies an easy victory.

Actually, just a few days back, I was thinking about North being dropped from the team, but now he has got a five wicket haul. Yes, credit has to go to him for being persistent, but Pakistan helped him by playing a few slogs.

So, it has been a strange test match as to start with, the injury prone Watson got a five wicket haul, Hilfy scored a fifty and now the mother of all surprises, North getting a five wicket haul. A few things though never change like  Afridi slogging and getting out and another defeat for Pakistan against Australia. Australia haven't lost a single match to Pakistan since 1995 and in that period, have won 14 out of 16 tests. In fact, if my memory serves me right, Australia have won all their last 13 matches against Pakistan!


Shridhar Jaju said...

Any more surprises, and the Honours Board might just fall down by their sheer weight!

Marcus North... no way, man!

greyblazer said...

Lol when Pakistan play again at Lords it may happen with KP getting a five wicket haul.

Purna said...

Why is no one questioning Pakistan's test status? :P. Specially when they don't even have a stable test captain.

greyblazer said...

Lol that is right.

Anonymous said...

I agree, gb, it's a shame a wicket can't be put against a wickie's name as Butt was Paine's wicket all the way. I can't even be bothered with the obvious pun.

He was one of the best performing spin bowlers in the Sheffield Shield last year. WTF does that say about the ability of state level Aus batsmen to play his unbelievably inoffensive bowling?

The future looks bad to me.

And worse than our incapable state level batting and North's sixfer, I'll have to put up with Haddin back soon.


greyblazer said...

Paine is a class keeper but selectors seem to only think about Haddin. Actually when Boucher retires Paine and the Lankan wickie P.Jayawerdena would have to be considered as the best keepers going around.

North was one of the better spinners in Sheffield Shield? Oh gawd what has happened to batsmen? Geoffery would no doubt say that his grand mom won't get out to him.

Anonymous said...

I heard an interview with Paine this morning and it sounds like he has a brain.

Haddin is the man in possession and that's THE THING with Aus selectors and management. It's a real shame as some of his sloppiness and poor positioning makes me wince.

It was so nice to see clean takes and a lack of drama.


greyblazer said...

I do hope Paine becomes the regular keeper as Haddin is such a git.

Anonymous said...



sunny said...

This is just so unbelievable, out of all Australia's bowlers, Pakistan had to collapse because of North.
Aah..what other wonders are we going to see with this unit.

greyblazer said...

Maybe Ponting can try a few trundlers. Anyway he isn't getting runs but can take a five wicket haul against Pakistan and lead the side from the front.