Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tough road ahead for Butt

I see that this week Pakistan have another captain in charge and that too in the middle of a important test series, but it is hardly a big news as every tom, dick and harry is appointed as the captain of Pakistan side.

Just a few days back, Afridi now the  former captain of Pakistan, seemed to be confident in a interview that he gave to cricinfo, though he always came across as reluctant to lead the Pakistan side in test cricket. Now of course, he has resigned from the  post of being the captain, but what makes it worse is, he resigned from the post in the middle of a test series and PCB even thought of appointing him as the captain of the test side, though he was reluctant to lead the side in tests in first place and was never good enough to play in test cricket. Former players have rightly critcised both Afridi and PCB and Asif Iqbal has aptly described PCB as Pakistan confused board!

Now, the onus would be on their new captain Butt. Butt is another player, who would likely agree with Asif Iqbal's description of PCB as he has never been given a decent run in the side. Pakistan has always been famous for chopping and changing, but thankfully, the talented Butt seems to be finally finding his feet in test cricket as in his last six tests, he has averaged 46.41 and  most of  those six test matches came against the formidable Aussies. The sad part is, just as he was about to crack the code of playing  test cricket, he has been made the captain of a side that seems to be always in chaos.

I don't think I need to talk too much about senior players  getting banned and bans being lifted,  Yousef announcing retirement and as expected, changing his mind very soon,  reports of internal fights within the team and whatever that goes on in the Pakistan side as that has now become a common feature with them, but poor Butt has to now lead that side. He doesn't have too much time to get prepared for the enormous task that lies ahead as they are going to play their next match tomorrow against the formidable Aussies.

 I just hope that Butt concentrates on his batting and improves his consistency as a batsman by scoring runs not just  against his favourite opponents Australia, but also against other teams (Butt averages 47.41 against Australia and two of his three hundreds have come against them)  If he along the way is successful as a captain it would be great, but Butt should take it match by match and look at  captaincy purely  as a bonus as with Pakistan,  there is a good chance of Butt even finding himself in the wilderness after the next match!


Soulberry said...

But Butt sounds clear headed and lucid. Very unlike recent Pakistan captains. Appears to have the ability to think out how to reach a vision he has.

greyblazer said...

Yeah but is PCB and its selectors going to allow him to be the captain for long?