Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watson again comes to the party!

I see that Watson has again sliced through Pakistan's middle-order to give Australia a chance of coming back into  the match. He has no doubt been a trump card for Australia in this series.

Contrary to what many think of Watson, I have always felt that he is a decent bowler.  Yes, he has been injury prone and had to go under the surgeon's table umpteen times, but when he bowls a fuller length, Watson can be a handful in conditions that offer sideways movement. In the ongoing match at Leeds,  all Aussie seamers leaving Watson have struggled with their length and the duke ball, but Watson has bowled a fuller length and has found appreciable movement off the pitch. I do agree that Pakistan's batsmen have played a few slogs and got out, but the credit has to go to Watson for finding the right length.

In my opinion, the breakthrough series with the ball for Watson was in India in 08/09 as he bowled well on unhelpful tracks by getting the old SG ball to reverse and troubled the Indian batsmen. Since then, barring a few hiccups like being injured before the Ashes, Watson has been taking vital wickets for Australia. It can be seen by the fact that in his last 15 tests, he has taken 33 wickets at 23.12. Another key point to consider is,  he can extract reverse swing with the old ball  and also has a decent slower delivery  which shows, he isn't a one trick pony. 

Yes, he has been injury prone in the past, but I do believe, Watson now is at the peak of his prowess as he is also doing well as a batsman and if he is injury free  for the next couple of years, he may be known as a very good all-rounder.


Anonymous said...

Nice upright seam as well, whereas the supposed front-line bowlers seem to know rock-all about that part of the game.

Well, maybe Hilfy is forgiven.


greyblazer said...


Thanks for the post. Leaving Watson others weren't bowling with upright seam especially Bollinger was disappointing though I have rarely seen Johnson bowl with upright seam yet has taken over 150 wickets!