Monday, July 12, 2010

What next for Bangladesh?

I see that Bangladesh are collapsing in a heap in the final onedayer at Edgbaston. So, a question may surely arise regarding Bangladesh's victory at Bristol being a false dawn?

In the past, I have made my views clear that Bangladesh need encouragement and the cricket experts calling  for them to be relegated are  too harsh on Bangladesh as they have a young team and to expect them to play well when they are confronted with conditions like what we saw at Old Trafford with the pitch offering sideways movement is just ridiculous  as even better teams like Australia struggled  in England when there was sideways movement on offer, but at the same time, Bangladesh's team should look at ways to improve.

Bangladesh's fielding- I am still surprised by the fact that Bangladesh's young team struggle in the field. Just like many, I do expect a team made up of youngsters to show a bit of spunk in the field, but they seem to be listless in the field. I am sure that Siddons is concerned about Bangladesh's fielding and is looking at ways to improve it.

Batsmen throwing their wickets away- For a outsider, it seems like everyone in the Bangladesh team want to play like Tamim Iqbal. Now, it is evident that Tamim Iqbal has a wide range of shots and has a great hand-eye co-ordination. It doesn't mean that Tamim can continue to play reckless shots, but it is crystal clear to anyone that he can get away with some of the shots which others can't. I am especially disappointed with Sakib as he continues to get out to soft dismissals. So, it is high time that Sakib, Imrul and even Tamim learn that there are 50 overs to bat and there is no need to slog at everything.

Quicker bowlers lacking in discipline- I know that quicker bowlers in the Bangladesh's squad  are young, but with time, I hope that they understand their limitations and not try to bowl just quick. For instance, I see that in an attempt to bowl like Lillee, or Thomson, Shahdat Hussain tries to put in a lot of effort into his run up and as a result even grunts at the time of delivery, but ironically, he is losing out on pace as he doesn't flick his wrists at the time of delivering the ball.  At present, he is losing out on pace and struggles to bowl line and length.  Another bowler who, I think has promise is Shafiul Islam as he can get a bit of swing with the new ball, is useful with the older ball and can bowl a useful off cutter, but he is another bowler who, tries to bowl quick and as a result, struggles to bowl line and length.

It isn't rocket science that if a bowler runs up straight,  gets through the crease straight and   follows through straight, he can bowl line and length, but to bowl line and length, Bangladesh's bowlers have to work hard on their basics. Sir Alec Bedser, Statham and co. became fine bowlers by sticking to their basics and the same can be said about modern day bowlers like McGrath, or even the underrated McDonald.

To end it, yes, it was good to see that Bangladesh won their first ever one-day match against England at Bristol which shows that they are improving, but at the same time, if Bangladesh want to be a force to reckon with in international cricket,  lots of work is still to be done.


sunny said...

That's right greyblazer.
I was just so pissed off by their performance yesterday, and they still will have to do a lot to become a quality squad.

straight point said...

deshies were bit complacent yesterday... ;-)

greyblazer said...


Welcome to the blog. Bangladesh have a young side but to become a competitive unit they still have to do lots of hard work. To start with they can at least look to field better.

greyblazer said...

Complacent lol. Yeah that can the reason behind their defeat!

Anonymous said...

Grey, did you perchance just call Bloody Vic Ginge McDonald "underrated"? We are going to have to have a talk, you and me.

greyblazer said...

Yeah I did call ginger McDoNALD underrated lol. Yes he may drive away the few fans who come to the stadium for a test match but from whatever little I saw of him in SA I would say that he can at least bowl line and length.

sunny said...

I like the McDonald because you can't get bored when looking at him. But regarding his bowling, I haven't been impressed by him so far, can't forget those 4 sixes AB clobbered of his over in South Africa.

greyblazer said...

Every bowler would one-day get clobbered in international cricket but McDONALD has what is known as a repeatable action in cricketing circles and that would help him to do better than few other bowlers who have played for Australia in recent times. He would no doubt have been a handful at Lords against Pakistan.

A few old timers who know a thing or two about cricket said to me that he reminds them of Shackleton who was himself said to be a useful line and length bowler.