Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fixing allegations and the spineless ICC

I see that our small but beautiful world of cricket's image  is again getting tarnished by fixing allegations. It makes you wonder why should one try to watch, or follow the game by bunking colleges, or by keeping the office work pending? So, why should one believe that it is a human error, when a fielder drops a dolly catch like Pakistan have done in this entire series? Even more worse is the fact that governing body of cricket, ICC seem to be spineless and try to sweep everything under the carpet.

I am sure that all cricket fans would have read that sensational news of  Pakistan's cricketers being involved in spot fixing on news of the world. It is shocking to see that even  their captain Butt and their brightest prospect in the bowling attack Ameer are said to be involved in spot fixing and when one looks at  those huge no balls it looks true.

We know that all sorts of allegations and rumours would fly around like Afridi visiting the team's hotel, more players including their fielding coach Ijaz Ahmed  being involved in it and even  the police having  arrested the players and their passports being confiscated . What cricket fans want to see now  is,  ICC for once showing that they care about the game and do a thorough investigation and if found guilty, severely punish the players. 

Actually, it isn't like fixing is new to cricket as even in the past, it has raised its ugly head.  For instance,  Asif Iqbal is said to have won the toss against India in 79, but said that India won the toss, the Saleem Malik bribery scandal, Cronjegate, allegations on Azharuddin, Samuels passing information to bookies, or even the involvement of Junior and Warne with a bookie, but the problem is, the ICC haven't shown the gumption to clean up the mess.

Finally,  isn't it sad to see people of  Pakistan, who have been ravaged by floods look at their cricketers as their heroes and they are said to be involved in fixing. God help Pakistan's cricket!


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

First impressions don't look great, in hindsight the Ameer no-balls don't look great do they! Not sure what his career stats are for bowling them either, but that could make interesting reading.

The fact that they haven't fixed a match, or so it seems anyway, might give ICC their route out of having to make the difficult decisions.

As a result of this if they leave it to the PCB to deal with, then we might as well all pack up and go home.

The problem with ICC is that they seem reluctant to make decisions that have legal implications, and without hard evidence (depending on how accurate NOTW's evidence is) they might not be too keen to dish out appropiate punishments.

As is the situation with 'bungs' in football, these cases are fairly well known throughout the game, but very hard to nail down with firm evidence.

sunny said...

Too much speculation would be futile until the investigation's results are produced, but I'd advocate serious action if the players are found to be directly involved. This problem of integrity will be the death of cricket otherwise.
And gb, your last paragraph sums up the worst part of it all. The Pakistani fans don't deserve all of this.

greyblazer said...

The no balls don't look great and when you think that he clearly didn't lose his footing it looks worse. I can't believe that a bowler would bowl such a huge no ball when he is in good rhythm like Ameer. Butt and Ameer though seemed to be acting as they put sawdust.

Yeah it can be difficult to prove it but the feeling one gets is ICC anti corruption unit isn't doing enough. PCB is worse as they would ban a player for two years but he would be back in two weeks.

greyblazer said...

Yeah it must be really devastating for Pak. fans as they love their cricketers so much.