Monday, August 16, 2010

Good start by Nepal

After watching their first match against USA being rained off, Nepal have done well by beating Italy in division four of world cricket. Italy is said to be one of the weaker sides  in Europe and their side is mainly made up of players from Australia, South Africa and Lanka. If I am right, they have only one player of Italian origin.

Veteran seamer Binod again bowled a good first spell and backed up by other seamers including the young Amrit and their captain Paras meant that Italy were bowled out for a paltry score of 71 runs. It is interesting to see that Nepal's captain used so many seamers. Usually, they do have a spin dominated attack, but I guess, the astro-turf made them go for a seam oriented attack.

Nepal's  batsmen struggled a bit and lost early wickets, but in the end, were able to chase down the score of 71. I don't know much about Nepal's cricket, but their batting seems to be a problem. Yes, they are perhaps  relatively inexperienced when it comes to playing on astro-turf, as they don't play much on astro-turf back home yet, their batting needs to improve.

Tougher challenges may lie ahead, but a very good start for Nepal in division four of world cricket. Keep it up Nepal!!


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

As far as I know Italy play in the Euro Div 1, that would be the group of the strongest teams in Europe (Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Jersey), not sure though how they fare in this surrounding but I think 71 is a bit embarrassing. No clue about the turf, maybe it benefits the bowlers. Nepal played some practice matches on that turf IIRC. Keep up the good work, would be good to hear more about the proceedings in general (not just Nepal's matches)


Finals Day: Mission Impossible Accomplished.

greyblazer said...

My knowledge of associate matches isn't so good lol but on another forum I saw a Irish fan talk about Italy being one of the weaker sides in Europe but when up against Ireland, Holland, Scotland or Denmark most associate teams can look weak.

Anyway congrats for making it into top 15 in cricket blips rankings!

Anonymous said...

i think italy was one of a tougher opponent after USA. I dont think other team Argentina , Tanzania and Cayman are good enough to beat Nepal.If any of these Nepal's game is not abandoned they should easily progress to division 3 along with USA.

greyblazer said...

Welcome to the blog. Unfortunately though Nepal seem to have had a bad day as they have lost to Tanzania.