Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The hype surrounding Bollinger and Australia's bowling attack

I see that on cricinfo, Manjrekar, Donald and Ian Chappell have said that Australia have the best attack and have praised Bollinger to the skies. Anyone surely must think that Bollinger is a world class swing bowler.  So, do Australia  have the best attack and how good is Doug the Rug?

Just let us have a look at Doug Bollinger

Actually, I do rate  Bollinger as he is a honest trier, but I must have seen someone else bowl as experts like Manjrekar, Ian Chappell and Donald on cricinfo are saying that he bowls a fuller length and as a result is effective. Hmm! I saw him bowl both in NZ and in England and every-time I saw him bowl, he tended to bowl short of a length with the odd delivery fuller to get the edge. In-fact, he was defensive, as he tended to bowl outside the off stump and the Kiwi batsmen obliged him by chasing it. Yes, he averages a shade under 25,  but  most of his wickets have come against Kiwis, Pakistan and WI at home. He looked out of his depth in England as he bowled short. So, how could the experts at cricinfo rate a bowler highly, though he hasn't yet played test cricket in tough conditions like India and struggled a bit in England?

The rest of the Australian attack is decent, but opposition batsmen won't lose sleep over it. Johnson is erratic and is effective mainly at home, Siddle is another honest trier, but tends to bowl a touch short, Hilfy has a very good outswinger, though I haven't seen him bowl the inswinger and the spinner Hauritz is steady. To say that they have the best attack just doesn't look right as Australia have struggled in places like India and England. Both  Pakistan and South Africa  have a better bowling attack.  I also feel that England are slightly better than Australia.

Actually, the Ashes series as well as the series in India would be interesting to watch. I do expect India to make lots of runs against Australia at home. In Australia, the Aussie bowlers would have the home advantage and  I have always maintained that  if England lose the Ashes, it would be because of the batsmen's inability to handle the bounce in Australia.


Suhas said...

If you go by variety alone, Pakistan probably has the best attack in world cricket - Aamir, Asif, Gul, Riaz, Ajmal and Kaneria (who has been a bit unlucky and not well handled, in my opinion). South Africa are up there too though I'll only be convinced when they find someone permanent for the spot vacated by Ntini (can't remember who their third seamer is...Parnell? De Wet?).

The Aussie attack is certainly not an intimidating proposition anymore. In fact Johnson also accounted for kiwi batsmen largely by bowling full and quick outside off and getting wickets of indiscreet schots. Bollinger, it's a bit early to say, but he played some one dayers in India last year and did quite well. He did bowl short in England, maybe he will correct that when the poms visit. Hilfenhaus reminds me of Damien Fleming without having quite the smae amount of guile. Watson has developed quite nicely as a bowler. But on the whole it's an erratic attack, which is uncharacteristic for Australia.

greyblazer said...

In one-day cricket a bowler can be successful with the batsmen looking for quick runs like Broad himself. In test cricket Bollinger has succeeded only against weak teams at home. So, the jury is still out on him.

Unlike Hilfy Fleming could swing it both ways and was effective with the old ball too.

I think Parnell would be the third seamer as Wet is injury prone and he is about 30 now though I like him as a bowler.

Purna said...

Eh? What bullcrap! Were they talking about the test team or the ODI team? Either way other than Douggie and Ryan Harris, at the moment, the Aussie bowlers are all over the place. I can't believe Allan Donald said that!

Of course he also said Broad was a good bowler...

greyblazer said...

Yeah they were talking about the test team in the time out at cricinfo lol. It seems like they all still think Aus. have McGrath, Warne and Dizzy.