Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well done Riaz!

Yesterday, it was a great day for Riaz as he took five wickets on his debut.  He must be on cloud nine as not many can get five wickets on their test debut! I even understand that most of Pakistan's fans and former players were backing the other seamer in the squad Tanveer Ahmed to make his debut as he has been more successful at the domestic level, but Riaz has proved his mettle by taking a five wicket haul on his debut.

Riaz is just 25, though it can be said that most of Pakistan's cricketers make their debut at about 18 or 20! He is a well built guy, who has a quick arm action and hits the bat hard. A few have compared his action to Johnson, but it also reminds me of former WA and Australian quick Julian, though Riaz bowls with a higher arm and is quicker than Julian.Yesterday, it was clear that he troubled all the batsmen with his quick arm action and his ability to hit the bat hard. Yes with his action, there would be times when his bowling can be wayward, but he seems to be a wicket-taker which is always an asset to any side.

I do hope that he doesn't listen to people, who would say to him to work on getting the ball to swing. He should just continue to bowl with good pace and hit the pitch hard. In that regard, it is good to see that coach of Pakistan is none other than the great man himself Waqar Younis.

Finally, Umar Gul's injury maybe a blessing in disguise for Pakistan, as they seem to have unearthed a quick bowler, who has the attributes to succeed even on bouncy tracks of Australia and South Africa.

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