Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ian Pont as the bowling coach of Bangladesh

                          Ian Pont- Bowling coach of Bangladesh

During the last week or so with a bit of hype surrounding CL and the retirement of Freddie Flintoff, one interesting piece of cricket news that seems to have slipped under the radar is the appointment of Ian Pont as the bowling coach of Bangladesh.  I have read a few articles of Ian Pont and I surely think that  an emerging side like Bangladesh would benefit enormously from his appointment as he keeps it simple. He doesn't seem to be a type of bowling coach, who would try to tinker a bowler's action just for the sake of showing that he is doing some work.   

Ian Pont wasn't very successful as a bowler for teams like Essex and Notts, but has done some good work as a coach with teams like Essex, Kent, Warwickshire and even Netherlands.  If I look at the Bangladesh team, they have Shahdat Hossain and Shafiul Islam, both are promising but need guidance. Every-time I see Shahdat bowl, I can see that he gives his 100%, but rarely have I seen his pace match the effort. The reason behind it is perhaps he doesn't flick his wrists and loses on pace. Shafiul Islam is another bowler, who shows  promise but is raw. I think we can look forward to seeing both of them improve with Ian Point as the coach.

In the past, bowlers have suffered due to wrong guidance like Jimmy Anderson's action was changed thrice and that too once they changed his action during the middle of a tour in Zimbabwe which is ridiculous. I have heard a few well respected Kiwi fans talk about how their academy coach in the late 90's tinkered with the way bowlers like Bond, Butler and co. would bowl, so that they can bowl quicker, but  in the end, it led to major back problems.

The well respected New Zealand's fan Waikato fc on New Zealand's bowlers,
“Greyblazer, there is a reason for it – bad coaching and flawed technical ‘expertise’ offered by a technical adviser who no-longer works for NZC …basically, he had quick bowlers doing things that bodies aren’t designed to do … it generated a bit of extra pace, but virtually crippled a generation of bowlers in the process …”

The above points so mentioned just shows that any board should be very careful when selecting a bowling coach as we are thinking about young bowlers, who with wrong guidance can suffer stress fractures and it may even end a young bowler's promising  career.  Anyway, I just hope that Bangladesh's bowlers would benefit from the appointment of Ian Pont as the bowling coach and if they get a couple of decent quick bowlers, Bangladesh can challenge teams like New Zealand, West Indies, or even Pakistan.


Jarrod Potter said...

The important thing for Point is to turn these bowlers into 30 test or more veterans.Hossain, Shafiul and Rubel, to a lesser extent Mortaza, need to work hard that's fair to say, but the BCB also needs to choose a bowling lineup and work around them instead of the constant stream of dropping players and rearranging constantly. Thankfully Bangladesh can afford to run 4 quicks as Shakib/Mahmadullah deserve their spots in the side as allrounders at 5-6.

Really do wish the best for Point and Bangladesh; they've got the makings of a great team with a little polishing.

greyblazer said...


Welcome to the blog. One of the main reasons for Bang. not progressing is that they chop and change too much.

Murtaza may not play for long but Shahdat and Shafiul are promising. I don't think they could have got too many better coaches than Ian Point as I think he has enough knowledge to especially help young bowlers but lack of infrastructure may be a problem.

man_in_beige said...

Good post as always GB. Slightly off topic - does waikatofc still post somewhere or is that an old quote? I miss his insights into the Kiwi setup!

greyblazer said...


Great to see you on the blog. It is an very old quote from bbc 606. I did see him post a comment on cricinfo but other than that I haven't seen him posting anywhere.