Saturday, September 4, 2010

The spot-fixing saga continues

It has been almost one week since the cricketing world was jolted by allegations of few Pakistan's cricketers being alleged to be involved  in spot-fixing, but when a person of the rank of a high commissioner joins the race to steal the limelight from others, it looks like we are in for a long haul.

Wajid Shamsul Hasan is a high commissioner, but when he told that  I know they are innocent and NOTW, or even ICC are conspiring against Pakistan, it made me think whether  is he also a hypnotist, a sleuth, or even a sorcerer.  His stance was all the players were withdrawn from the one-day series as they couldn't stand the mental torture and Lorgat initially agreed to it,  but in the end did a U turn  and suspended the players. Hmm!  I saw the mental torture on their face, when Butt and co. were caught smiling by the camera. I am sure  Samuels, Juventus football club, Higgins, Gibbs, Azhar, Malik and co. would wonder whether they should have approached him to save them from fixing allegations. A few other government officials too seem to be taking a similar approach that we are seeing with Hasan and I guess the great Ijaz Butt would soon start shouting from the hip too. The PCB surely looked better organised,  when it was run by Raja, or Sharyar Khan was the chairman during the Oval fiasco  in 2006.

ICC on their part have taken the right decision by suspending the three tainted players as we are thinking about serious allegations here, though they haven't exactly said for what offence they would be charged for. I also see that there is news about marked notes found from Butt's room matching the NOTW'S notes, so it seems like the case is getting stronger. One just gets the feeling that at the end of this week NOTW may spill more beans as they have spent huge amounts of money on this sting operation and would surely like to get a return on the investment they have made.

The way Pakistan's officials are defending their players with even suggestions that Indian intelligence having a hand in helping NOTW to frame the players, the situation is looking grim. I expect the cricketing headlines for atleast the next few months to be dominated by even more allegations and more so, the headlines would be about  the boxing match between the Pawar led ICC and PCB, which would likely be comparable to the rumble in jungle in Zaire in 74.  The one to lose out because of this mess would be as usual  the poor fans. Actually on second thoughts, why should we all create so much fuss about spot-fixing, when the commissioner cum sleuth from Pakistan has said that I know they are innocent. Let all the investigators pack their bags and go home and fans can think there is nothing wrong as the case has been closed!


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I find it amazing that a man in such a high profile job could come out with such remarks.

Surely he should have presented a far more balanced argument, something like' lets see what the investigation brings, until then I don't wish to make a comment' etc. Or even 'they are innocent until proven otherwise'

If they are found guilty, he will look very stupid, and how can he ever be taken seriously again if it turns out he has made such a massive error of judgement?

greyblazer said...

He is even indicating that PCB would sue the ICC. What would ICC gain by keeping Pakistan out of cricket? As you said Hasan could have come up with more of a balanced argument.

Maybe the 18 year old Ameer would have garnered more sympathy if some of the officials weren't so defensive.

Soulberry said...

It's called Pakistana - a stuffed pastry whose reality hits you after it has been consumed.

greyblazer said...

Lol it has been funny to see so many officials having their say on those allegations.