Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wishing a speedy recovery for Onions

                                      Onions in happier times

I just saw the sad news that England's fast bowler Onions would undergo surgery on what seems like a career threatening back injury. One could see that  there was something wrong with Onions, when he was left out of the last match in South Africa and it looked worse in Bangladesh as he couldn't play because of back problems.I think question marks may have to be raised about England's coaching methods  as quite a few of the younger  bowlers have suffered career threatening injuries in recent times.

If one thinks of Onions's early career, it can be said that he struggled a bit as a bowler and seemed to be lacking in confidence, but as the years went by, he improved beyond recognition and finally got the chance to make his test debut last year for England against the West Indies. He also has had his fair share of injuries, but when he is fit, Onions is a fine bowler.

I really like his approach towards bowling as he keeps it simple  by getting  close to the stumps and can just settle into bowling in the corridor of uncertainty and no batsman likes to play a bowler, who consistently  makes the batsmen play. Yes, he tends to take a few overs before he settles into a good rhythm, but there are lots of things to be liked about of his bowling. His spell last year against Somerset, when he made players of the calibre of Trescothick look mortal by sending his stumps for a walk and of course, his spell at Edgbaston against Australia just illustrates my point about Onions being a bowler, who keeps it simple by coming close to the stumps and forcing the batsmen to play at his deliveries. In fact, a few old-timers with whom I discussed about Onions even compared him to Statham and that is a high praise indeed.  I also have to mention about his heroic efforts with the bat in South Africa as he saved England from what looked like certain defeats at both Centurion and Capetown.

The absence of Onions is no doubt a huge blow to England's chances in  the Ashes as he would have been useful at places like Brisbane. The pitch at Brisbane does help the seamers, but it demands consistency from the bowlers and Onions is a bowler who could have provided it.

Yes, a lot of jokes have been cracked about his name, but there is no doubt that Onions isn't just a fine bowler, but comes across as a nice bloke too. I just wish that he makes a speedy recovery from what seems like a career threatening injury.


Shridhar Jaju said...

Who's going to save the Test matches for England now?

On a more serious note, I hope he recovers from his injury as soon as its possible and comes back stronger. England's attack looks stronger with his name listed!

greyblazer said...

The one who is going to be the emerging player of the year Bresnan!

It looks bad as he is said to be having stress fractures on both sides of his back. If selectors have a brain they should take Tremlett as for the first time I see that he has played majority of the matches this season and has been successful on flat wickets at Oval.