Thursday, October 14, 2010

Williamson's century and another defeat for the Black Caps

Since the time I started following cricket, I have always tried to keep an keen eye on the upcoming players, as the game needs stars and without them, there would be no one to look up-to  for the next generation. So, I was thrilled to see that Pujara did well against the Aussies and today, Williamson showed his class albeit against a weaker opponent like Bangladesh by scoring his maiden hundred.Actually, it isn't just Williamson, but I also have a soft corner for the Kiwis as even with a small pool of talent to choose from, the rugby mad nation has been able to punch above their weight and perform reasonably well in international cricket.

I have said it before that from whatever little I have seen of Williamson's batting, he seems to be a fine back-foot player which is a bit of surprise as New Zealand's pitches don't have the pace and bounce that one would find in Australia or South Africa. It would be great if Williamson does well as in recent times good back-foot players have become an endangered species and it is always a pleasure to watch back-foot players cut and pull the fast bowlers.

Today, Williamson showed why a few rate him so highly  by getting  a century on those slow wickets in Bangladesh which is never easy, though he seemed to be struggling with cramps and that was perhaps the reason why he couldn't go after the bowling in the end overs.

As far as the Kiwis were concerned, it was yet another disappointing performance from them. Most of their batsmen don't seem to know how to play the slower bowlers as they just can't rotate the strike. The bowling department doesn't seem to be much better either and it is unfathomable that Vettori continues to under-bowl Tuffey. I have never been a fan of  Vettori's captaincy and today too I couldn't understand the logic behind Vettori winning the toss and electing to field first. It is a known fact that pitches in Bangladesh gets slower as the game progresses and it becomes difficult to force the pace against the slower bowlers.

Yes, the Kiwis have been below par in this series, but the credit has to go to the Tigers for using the home conditions well and winning the one-day series. The so called experts like Boycott though, would likely continue to question their test status. In simple words, I would say that Bangladesh are showing signs of improvement and it makes no sense revoking the test status of a team, who are on their way up.

Anyway, it is great to see Williamson making a mark at the international level after he had a wretched start to his career in Lanka. It didn't seem like he would even get a run in Lanka and may have even made Chris Martin proud with his exploits in the Emerald Islands, but thankfully, he has shown good temperament by getting a hundred in Bangladesh.


vEnKy said...

Yeah as you said it is very nice to see youngsters perform well. But NZ have gone bad to worse. If they can be 'almost' whitewashed by a Bangladeshi team, what chance do they have against a full strength Indian test team in the upcoming series? I am just expecting an innings defeat whitewash. But you'll never. At best NZ may salvage a draw.

greyblazer said...

If NZ don't get defeated by an innings in either of their matches in India it would be an achievement. It isn't a huge surprise as a team like NZ which doesn't have a huge base to choose players from would struggle for more years than a major cricketing power when they lose players like Fleming, Cairns, Astle, Bond and co.

Suhas said...

Vettori's decision to field was certainly a strange one. He's openly admitted in the past that he prefers to chase, but that fixation isn't doing the team much good.

And yeah, NZ are terrible against spin at the moment..sad considering guys like Fleming, Richardson and Astle did quite well for themselves. The next set of batsmen have barely played in the subcontinent before and are finding it difficult to adapt. I have high hopes for Williamson although he's been rushed in a couple of years early.

greyblazer said...

Yeah Williamson has been rushed into playing cricket but the key point is would the NZ selectors give him a decent run in the side and don't drop him as soon as he gets a few low scores? Yes he failed in Lanka but why did they drop him for the first couple of matches in Bangladesh? In the past NZ's selectors haven't handled the younger players well and I just hope that they won't do the same with Kane!